Assisted living services and programs in the form of in-home care have only been around for a few decades. However, vast improvements have been introduced in in home care-based assisted living which only goes to show that it’s the preferred choice by most aging adults.

More importantly, the integration of in-home care assisted living services are proven to not only work, but also provide those in need with a higher quality of living. After all, it’s undeniably more appealing compared to staying in a highly restrictive and claustrophobic nursing home for the rest of your days.

An Inside Look at In-home Care Services

If you take the time to learn and invest in modern in-home care services, you can be certain that your loved one would be staying in a cozier and warmer home setting. Without a doubt, most seniors would readily choose something that is more familiar and closer to their hearts over the unwelcoming setting of other home facilities. These facts alone prove that assisted living, as a whole, is rapidly changing and is inclining towards empathy and compassion, which is an undeniably good step towards the right direction.

It’s not all about the familiarity too, as caregivers who specialize on in-home care assisted living also guarantee that your loved one would have nothing less than the best care and attention in world. His having a dedicated companion would be assured as well, as these professionals also prioritize that important factor as well. Other benefits of the much-improved in-home care services nowadays include:

  • You and your family would be able to provide better support and commitment to your loved one. This is because most in-home care programs take the time to schedule family visits and regular communication.
  • Every aspect of your loved one’s daily life would be given equal attention. These daily activities include the preparation of meals, bathing, shopping, dressing, etc.

A Rise in Demand for Memory Care

With the rising threat of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in the world’s population, memory care services are also becoming all the more indispensable. Its difference from assisted living lie primarily in the fact that it’s practically a subsequent option if the former is already no longer possible due to the said conditions.

While this specific type of long-term skilled caring is also available in most assisted living programs, know that memory care is actually a more specialized form of the said service and would often require your loved one to stay in a secure and ideal environments.

The importance of in-home memory care services could not be denied as Alzheimer’s and dementia are truly burdensome conditions to handle on a long-term basis. What’s good is that there are professionals who are similarly trained to dispense memory care services.

Memory care units are designed to handle patients suffering from the said conditions as well. This is why most of them incorporate special features such as a safe environment where your loved one can wander without any risk, as well as colors and designs in hallways or walls that help them ease up to the place in no time, to name a few.

Much of the rise of the demand for such services can be attributed to the plethora of improvements that most patients who have availed of them have had. These range from reduced susceptibility to side effects from medication, better social interaction, fewer visits to the hospital, boost in health, long-term enhancements in mental abilities, and a significant increase in overall happiness due to their freedom to do activities that they are capable of doing.

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Whether you are a serious cyclist or just a weekend warrior, you might be looking for unique cycling jerseys that would help enhance your style while out on the roads. If you are looking for unique cycling clothing that help you express your individual style and personality as you navigate through life’s new ventures, you it’s worth exploring the collection of cycling jerseys at these websites.

unique cycling jerseys

This guy could use a more stylish cycling jerseys…

1. has in store classic and vintage cycling jerseys and other cycling apparels for both men and women. is the Web source of elegant cycling apparels that you won’t to find anywhere else. You could visit the site to explore the collection of vibrant, classic vintage jerseys as well as cannabis, beer cycling jerseys meant for specific themes.

The cycling jerseys for men and women offered by deliver astounding graphic illustrations, capturing the bold pop culture icons, historical figures, earthy undertones, astronomical undertones and social movements. does justice to both the factors, that is keeping up the novelty of the jerseys and their performance.

They use premium quality materials made for comfort and moisture wicking breathability. Additionally, there prints offer some of the most unique cycling jerseys you’ll find online. continues to make innovations by blending iconic imagery and signature graphics with durable and functional cycling jerseys.

2. offers you a line of innovative and colourful cycling jerseys that are a combination of fashion and functionality. Not only can you flaunt your look but also comfortably cruise through a town or navigate a mountain trail. The unique collection of cycling jerseys offered by can be like epitomes of your personality and as a boost up in succeeding or reaching your goals.

If you are creative and want something created by you, then gives you the advantage of customized unique cycling jerseys, which serve to make your styling icon or specialized needs by order. offers you all kinds of cycling apparels, which are not only unique but also characterized by performance and comfort as you take on the world from the seat of the bicycle.

3. is another site with a great collection of quirky, odd, unusua, unique, and classic cycling jerseys. It has got a segregated collection of unique cycling jerseys from brands like Go Girl, world jerseys, canari, precaryous etc. Also, the prices the jerseys are offered at are quite reasonable. At, the emphasis is on best quality cycling clothing at affordable prices.

Besides prices, they focus on the uniqueness of the products. has special relationships with clothing manufacturers who allow them to pick up new and unique cycling clothing before you get to see them anywhere else. You could explore the huge and growing selection on the website.

Last Thoughts When Shopping for Cycling Jerseys

While you are choosing your cycling jersey, you must consider a few factors. First of all, it must look good, as that would help you express your personality. Next is the price. The price of jerseys may vary according to the brand, uniqueness and features.

There are many types of cycling jerseys, and your needs would define which type you should buy. There are half zip jerseys meant for cool climates, full zip for warmer climates, compression type jerseys to compress your muscles to help in better performance, wool jerseys which are vintage but keeps you warm, or mountain biking style jerseys which are baggier.

There are many online shops offering you unique cycling jerseys. But these three online stores are a good place to start if want to purchase a unique cycling jersey for you future rides.

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Does your business work in high-volume industrial operations like packaging, logistics, warehousing, or grocery distribution? If so, then you may already be familiar with automatic box cutter machines.

These aren’t the only industries that use and benefit from automatic box cutter machines. No matter the industry or application, the functionality of automatic box cutters works the same to the benefit of those who use it. Let’s take a look.

IBOD Automatic Box Opener Machines-CASI

This is the IBOD Automatic Box Cutter from CASI


Looking at few benefits of using an automatic box cutter you can see the how the function is highly useful in a variety of high-volume industries. The design and placement in the workflow of a high-quality automatic box cutter not only increases the speed and accuracy of workflow it also reduces strain and chance of injury on the personnel. It does this by reducing direct contact by labor and reducing potential cuts from knives while speeding intake throughput. Insurance premiums also get lower because of the removal of knives from certain work areas.


You’ll find that the speed and accuracy of this type of product aid in several key areas. These include opening and processing returns, repacking mixed cases, opening ingredients in food manufacturing and more. Because the machines are programmable and completely safe to products there less product waste as well as saving more time on being careful with a box knife. The blades switch and paths are flexible and programmable for the cut so tops can be removed, boxes can be uniquely split and even cut along certain lines for unique products and contents.automatic box cutter machines

How It Works

On the rollers, the full-unopened boxes come down into the automatic box cutter machine housing. Inside the careful robotics identify and follow the cut path according to the computer. Once cut precisely based on the program and chosen blade head the box moves on to personnel ready to unload it. It couldn’t be more streamlined and consistent.


For high-speed industrial environments these types of machines provide an excellent pace setter for box throughput. Depending on the model and manufacturer one can expect hundreds of boxes to be opened per hour. The machinery is large and stands alone similar to an oversized elevator car. It’s a great self-contained way to keep the throughput at maximum efficiency.


Constructed with safety as the main selling point these types of machines have safety features you would expect. These include multiple emergency buttons to stop the machine, electronic door controls, limiting sensors and carton ejection. The safety factor is one focus of engineering that helps keep costs down and productivity up. In every industry focus on safety not only saves on labor it also saves on time.


There are several major manufacturers for automatic box cutter machine variety that focus on specifics to set themselves apart for maximum efficiency. One such manufacturer is CASI, which focuses on order fulfillment by means of automation that is intelligent. Their system is called IBOD that stands for intelligent box opening device. Another is StreamTech, which focuses on modular cost-effective solutions.

If you find yourself in distribution, electronic manufacturing, paints, and pigments or even third-party logistics using an automatic box cutter machine is sure to pay for itself given you have high enough industrial volume. They are designed and constructed for safety and performance. From modular to intelligent you will find a product that engages you and suits your needs. Take a look you have nothing to lose and only efficiency to gain.

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Today’s highly competitive Internet Marketing space requires every surgeon (and every business owner, for that matter) to carve a niche that can lead to successful outcomes. Businesses that perform well appear on the highest level of Google rankings, meaning that internet marketing for businesses is essential.

Optimized Surgeons centers their practice exclusively on surgeons, providing a premium SEO and Internet marketing service that delivers proven performance. This elite plastic surgeon SEO company specializes in various Internet marketing platforms  that covers every aspect of a surgeon’s web marketing needs.Internet Marketing Surgeons

Optimized Surgeons is committed to providing incredible SEO and Internet marketing for surgeons and other related medical professionals across the globe. Their entire model is ostensibly dedicated to medical practice SEO, and the firm supplies advanced resources that help clients improve their search keywords and visibility.

Services Offered by Optimized Surgeons

Optimized Surgeons seeks to provide their clients with comprehensive and highly specialized internet marketing services, which suit surgeons from across the globe. To accomplish this, they design their resources and knowledge bank to suffice the various surgical specialties that people seek.

The company provides incredible digital marketing solutions that allow surgeons to become the online authority for their specific surgical specialty. Optimized Surgeons have marketing solutions that are diverse and dynamic. Take advantage of this to create an entirely new niche full of accomplishments.

Internet Marketing for Surgeons

Optimized Surgeons helps actualize a successful SEO strategy, which is instrumental in driving qualified traffic to your website. The plastic surgeon SEO strategies behind Optimized Surgeons results in targeted patient leads. For this reason, their exemplary approach to search engine optimization does more than just rank websites.

Since SEO is the foundation to a well-optimized web presence, Optimized Surgeons’ search marketing strategy offers the greatest value to acquire more patients. Their organic SEO strategies yield profound and sustainable benefits, which ultimately leads to the following:

  • Improves your reputation, both at the local and national level
  • Boosts credibility in your practice
  • Generates quality traffic to your specific website
  • Improves your overall web presence across many trusted platforms and sites
  • Expands your specific brand
  • Defines you as a local authority in your particular practice

The Optimized Surgeons SEO Process

In an effort to provide specialized SEO services for surgeons, Optimized Surgeons has a powerful system designed and intended to help surgeons obtain in-market leads along with new patients. For instance, an integral component to the company’s surgeon SEO services is optimizing their clients’ web presence for the Google Local 3-Pack listings.

plastic surgeons seo google local 3 pack

In addition to the strategic application of SEO, both on-site as well as off-site SEO, they incorporate the use of various marketing strategies like social media and content marketing techniques. This absolutely helps surgeons connect with various individuals that require specific surgical specialties.


plastic surgeon seo companyplastic surgeon seo companyThe plastic surgeon SEO company’s website helps you learn more concerning their approach to SEO and related Internet marketing tips for surgeons. Additionally, the same website gives you the capacity to separate their unique capabilities from those of other firms that also focus on Internet Marketing.


In many instances, surgeons who rank high in Google and other search engines are regarded as the actual authority figures of their medical niche. Whether it is rhinoplasty or breast augmentation niche, the only feasible game-changer is to own top rankings for your specialty and location.

It goes without a doubt that the adeptness and efficacy of search marketing speak for itself. Keep in mind that Google searchers are constantly seeking for your services in your area. Therefore, to improve your visibility, it is about time you give Optimized Surgeons a chance to enhance your performance. SEO for surgeons generates quality leads to your site while bringing new patients to your practice. It is worth a try.

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Gehl is a company that manufactures an extensive range of compact equipment for a wide spectrum of construction as well as agricultural applications. Founded in 1859 by Louis Lucas, Gehl is is constantly on the forefront of research and development in the construction machinery industry.

Most of Gehl products have gained popularity in construction and agricultural industry due to their efficiency and durability. In addition to that, the company also collaborated with Manitou BF an engineer from fresh and this has made them produce new products of high quality in the market. By the end of this article, you will be more conversant with some of the best machinery you can get from Gehl.gehl equipment

What kind of machinery can you expect from Gehl? Below are five of the most common forms of equipment that Gehl specializes in designing, engineering, and building.

Gehl Telescopic Handlers

Gehl telescopic handlers are machines known for their great performance in the field. The most popular Gehl telescopic handlers include the RS10-55 Telescopic Handler, RS12-42 Telescopic Handler, and RS8-42 Telescopic Handler, among others. They are incorporated with a heavy-duty boom which enables them to list up to 12,000 pounds at ago.

In addition to that, Gehl telescopic handlers have outriggers to boost their stability as well as increasing their load capacity when lifting. For the machine to achieve a perfect stopping capability, it is incorporated with an internal wet disc brake which also enhances the durability of the device. And because Gehl telescopic handlers are some of the most popular telehandlers on the market, it’s easier to find Gehl parts for sale for these telehandlers compared some manufacturers.

Gehl Asphalt Pavers

Some of the asphalt pavers from Gehl that are notable models in the construction industry are the Gehl 1438 Asphalt Paver, Gehl 1448 Asphalt Paver, and Gehl 1639 Asphalt Paver. For instance, the 1448 Asphalt Paver comes with a Yanmar direct injection engine that uses diesel and can start as below as 4.4 degrees Celsius.

Gehl’s asphalt pavers also have an audio and visual alarm that helps in monitoring the performance of the machine. In situations where they experience terrible paving, the oil temperature is maintained by the large hydraulic cooler. The performance of Gehl asphalt pavers is also enhanced due to the engine ability to operate from both sides. This eliminates the need for repairs and costly Gehl asphalt paver parts.

Gehl Compact Excavators gehl parts for sale

Gehl has worked hard in manufacturing an excavator with an engine that provides maximum power making it reliable to all kind of jobs of excavation. The company also incorporated the machine with a hydraulic thumb that increases its efficiency. Besides that, it has a zero tail swing that prevents the excavator from overhanging over the tracks. Some of these compact excavators include Z55, Z35, and Z80.

Gehl Skid Loaders

Gehl has several skid loaders like the radial lift and the vertical lift skid loaders and is known to perform well in grading, digging and excavating. The lift arm which is made of a 4.5-inch material, they not only give the skid loaders strength but also a long life. For example, Gehl has made it easy for radial lift skid loaders to load flatbed trucks due to its ability to ability to reach the middle of the lift path. Some of the skid loaders include 4240E Skid Loader, 4640E Power 2 Skid loader, and R165 Skid Loader.

Gehl Articulated Loaders

With their flexibility, these loaders can work a wide area and are made from a durable material enabling them to lift up to 2,560 pounds. Another attractive feature is the 54 degrees angled steering which gives the loaders excellent maneuverability. Some of these articulated loaders include the 540 articulated loaders, 340 articulated loaders, and 140 articulated loaders.

All the products from Gehl come with a warranty, and also, they come with a very friendly price. If you are looking for a quality product, then this is the company to visit.

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Established in 1989, Facet Technologies, Inc. has cemented its position as a leader in providing IT solutions for business owners and other organizations in Peoria and central Illinois region. Facet Technologies believes in making innovative, tailor-made products IT solutions that are in line with your specific needs. facet web tech website design

Why are we different you ask? At Facet Tech, we invest in the best creative minds and are up to the minute with what’s happening in the industry. That way, we’re able to come up with relevant IT solutions, even as technology advances.

And, for more than two decades of our existence, we have done quite a lot in the central Illinois technology scene, ranging from offering IT solutions for schools, IT support solution to small and medium size businesses. As a member of Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, you can trust Facet Technologies to plan and install your electronic systems including networking, automation and entertainment, as well as integrated whole house subsystems.

It is with this background and experience in the industry that we founded Facet Web Tech, our latest branch that is set to give you a whole new experience as far as web design and software development in Peoria and its environs goes.

Inside Peoria’s Newest Web Design Company

Gone are the days when you didn’t pay much attention to the layout and outlook of your business website. Statistics indicate that potential customers are likely to stay on your site for more than a minute if its design is attractive and well organized. In these days of cut edge competition, your site needs to be interactive, user-friendly and easy to maneuver.

Additionally, the software solutions your company uses have to be inventive and in line with your needs. This is the thinking that inspired the formation of Facet Web Tech; to provide you with web design and software solutions that will give you a competitive edge.

website development

Here’s a breakdown of what Facet Web Tech is all about:

Website Development

With its web design services, Facet Web Tech will create a beautiful and interactive site that makes a potential customer want to find out more what you company is all about. Our experienced team of web development specialists will help optimize your online presence in central Illinois and beyond with a high-performance website. That way, meeting the goals and objectives of your company becomes easier.

software development

Software Solutions

Are you having trouble getting software solutions that guarantee to take your company’s efficiency and output to the next level? Not anymore! Facet Web Tech will help solve any software problems with a tailored made solution in central Illinois as per your company needs.

website optimization

Clean Your Hacked Website

Every business owner dreads his or her company’s website getting hacked. Nonetheless, if the unfortunate event happens Facet Web Tech will help get your site up and running again quickly. Also, our team will put measures in place to prevent future attacks. Don’t let a hacked website keep you out of business. Just contact our malware team and w can provide a remote-based computer virus removal service to get you back up and running.

With the new Peoria area web design branch of Facet Tech, getting even more robust and comprehensive IT solutions from just one provider in Peoria just became easier and quicker.

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Truck weighing scales used for heavy-duty load weighing utilize some of the industry’s most advanced load cell technology to deliver quick and precise readings. The manufacturing and distribution companies in the truck scale industries are utilizing these systems to ease the entire process of weighing.truck weigh scales

These truck weigh scales are not just precise, but they are also durable, and they enhance the weighing process. That mentioned, here are the top three truck weigh scales leading the industry standard. You can find most of these truck weigh scales at

1. On-board Scales

On-board scales are specifically developed to deliver efficient weighing for each load that is in transit on a truck. With the on-board weighing scales, they will be installed directly on the truck, which will then allows the driver to know the exact weight of the load. The scales have load cell sensors, which accommodate the whole weight of the truck.

Each type and size of the truck will have a special on-board scale that is connected to the ignition switch. Even the slightest load on the truck will be sensed and displayed on the LCD of the scale. On-board scales is made up of load cell sensors that calculate the weight of the truck, along with an LCD screen that will display the weight.

The on-board weighing scale is perfect for straight trucks, wheel loaders, and tractor trailers. On-board truck scales in particular work perfectly for such industries like mining. For robust and heavy-duty on-board weighing systems, check out Walz Scale’s On-board division.

2. Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales are one of the most common scales for truck weighing due to their convenience and versatility. These scales are specially designed to be used as wheel weighers as they function by trucks driving up onto the scales weighing pads. They are also called the portable axle scales and are known for their versatility and ruggedness.

portable truck scales

The image of this portable truck scale systems is from

Portable truck scales are light and are easily carried around in a case. These truck weigh scales are simply placed parallel to each front tire. As the track moves over the portable wheel weigher scales, they will take the exact weight of each truck that passes. They are durable and sturdy enough to withstand the heavy truck weight.

These scales are mostly used for farmer trucks, construction, mining operations, agricultural produce, and waste management trucks. They are also accurate in delivering the units.

3. Weighbridge Scales

The weighbridges are also used in measuring the weight of trucks. Even though they have been around for some time, they use a special technology to deliver the right weight of the truck. The weighbridges work either under two mechanisms; mechanical or electronic. The mechanical system is the lever option while the electronic system uses compressed electronic load cells.weighbridge truck scales

With the mechanical lever, it will work under a set of breakdown levers that limit the weight on the lever system, which acts as a pivot of the load. This way, the lever will reduce the load exerted at the furthest end. As the truck moves over the lever, the scale will pick up the weight and deliver them on a monitor at the supervision center. The electronic system is all about the truck rolling over the weighbridge scale slowly, and the bridge will send the exact weight to the monitor at the supervision station.

Weighbridge scales are commonly used on highways to determine the exact weight of the truck and determine if they are overloaded. Most of the highway weight stations use the weighbridge scales to get the weight of the trucks. All these are scales used in the manufacturing, logistics, construction and highway weight stations. They help to make the weighing process quick and precise.

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SEICO is one of the most respected security system suppliers in the Peoria area of Central Illinois. They have been in the business of securing commercial and residential settings since 1972. There are several reasons why SEICO Security is often ranked among the best in the area.Seico Security

First off, they offer access control systems which are primarily used to safeguard access points in premises. For this they have packaged different products including fingerprint scanners and key card scanners. Apart from that, they offer a high level of expertise in banking system consulting, installation of audio/video systems and fire alarm systems among others.

Security Systems

The company has a rich background in providing custom-designed and integrated security systems that are geared to meet individual security needs. They offer a number of wireless and video security systems including access control system with data server security, security alarm systems, CCTV surveillance, video and photo ID badging. These services are in high demand among residential and commercial facilities as well as medical and educational systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are a much needed form of protection against fires. This Peoria-based company offers top-notch support on all consumer needs that are associated with fire incidences, smoke detection and even fire response systems such as overhead sprinklers. Besides that, they offer emergency response services and bi-annual inspections.

Security System Design

One thing that separates SEICO from other security solutions providers is that they do not re-sell other organization’s inventions. They have all the engineering and design capacity needed to build fool-proof security systems from some of the best products. This therefore gives the client the comfort that whatever technology they are using is unique and not copied from other fallible concepts.

Audio-Visual Systems Integration

For those seeking AV systems for better presentation, communication and collaboration, SEICO has for long proven to be a go to provider. They have a team of designers, architects and IT professionals who together work to create innovations that suit diverse needs. An example of a collaboration platform from SEICO Security is InFocus Modopad, which among other things helps integrate modern technology with real-life circumstances.

Home Security & Monitoring

Homeowners looking for special security protection and appropriate sensors can also look up to SEICO for custom-made solutions that perform tasks such as warding off unwelcomed visitors and detecting anomalies. In addition to providing such systems, the organization provides hands-on services including fire alarm inspections, testing and repair, 24 hours monitoring and life safety services.

Bank Security Consultingsecurity system design

With the increase in bank related crimes it is vital to ensure that the bank is:

  • In full compliance with relevant security regulations as stipulated in the bank Protection and Bank Secrecy acts.
  • Using a security program that meets industry standards .
  • Providing customers and employees with valuable assets with a safe environment.

SEICO Security is reputed for its high level of expertise, which is evidenced in provision of banking security consulting services that are meant to minimize risk and maintain regulatory compliance.

SEICO not only offers traditional security solutions but also cutting-edge innovations that help in minimizing liability. Banks, commercial facilities, government institutions and residential property owners all fall under the category of clients targeted by this company.

To learn more about this reputable security systems company in Peoria, IL, visit or contact:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

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Most industrial-based companies strive to automate their systems so that they stay competitive in the current markets. Technology has advanced greatly compared to a few years back and basic operations are done with greater efficiency, throughput, and professionalism thanks to automation.

Smart businesses know the importance of automation systems. Automating an operational system can offer a wealth of advantages, some of which include:

  • Realizing greater efficiencies and productivity
  • Ensuring operations are more accurate and streamlined
  • Helping in reducing costs, such as production and labor costs

One company that seeks to help businesses with their automation needs is Walz Label & Mailing Systems. Based in Illinois, Walz offers a complete spectrum of automation solutions for a wide range of applications. walz label mailing systems

Comprehensive Automation Solutions from Walz

Walz is a company that has been in existence since 1966. It has provided different businesses with various automation solutions. The following are some of the automation systems that are available at Walz.

  • Checkweigher Systems
  • Automatic Box Openers
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Dimensioning Systems
  • Print & Apply Systems
  • Picking Systems
  • Shipping Systems
  • Sortation Systems
  • WCS Software
  • Cold Seal Packaging
  • Custom Robotics

The above fall under the automation division of Walz. The main focus however will be on the following automation systems that have been of high demand for process and manufacturing applications.

Dimensioning Systems

When it comes to cubing systems and dimensional weighing equipment, Walz has a range of solutions available for businesses. The company offers a wide range of dimensional weighing and cubing systems which are designed as standalone or as part of an integrated system for shipping, cubing a trailer and receiving. Some of the conveyor-based cubing systems available are:

  • 3000 Low Cost Dimensioner
  • 4000 Carton Dimensioning
  • Checkweigh Cubers
  • UPS/FedEx/DHL Cubing

Sortation Systems

The sortation systems provide high performance solutions to distribution centers by implementing Sortation as part of the material handling system. The sortation systems from Walz automation solutions range from high speed systems to low speed systems, including:

  • High speed sorting systems
  • Medium rate sorting machines
  • Low rate sorting machines
  • Parcel/carrier sorting system
  • Small item sorting system

The following are examples of conveyor sortation systems available at Walz.

  • Continuous motion sortation systems
  • Consolidated sorting machines
  • Cross belt sorting machines
  • Continuous sortation systems
  • Fixed line sortation systems
  • Horizontal belt sortation systems
  • Parcel sortation systems


When it comes to weighing, Walz has several systems for this job. Some of the systems include:

  • Standard Inline Checkweigher such as CASI 851, CASI 861, CASI 921, CASI 951, CASI 961 and CASI 971
  • Washdown, Food Grade, Harsh Environment and Stainless
  • Checkweigh System Accessories such as Brake meter/gapper, conveyor scanners and Carton Dimensioner/Cuber

checkweigher cubing systems


Some of the various types of conveyors available from Walz include:

  • Standard Conveyors
  • Custom Conveyor System Design
  • Roller Conveyors
  • Industrial Conveyors

Custom Robotics

Custom robotics help in eliminating weeks if not months of integrated schedules. Some of them include:

  • Automatic box openers
  • Cross robotics case erectors
  • Palletizing systems
  • Palletizing systems
  • Pick and place systems

Apart from these automation systems, there are others which were mentioned before by Walz. There are picking systems which help in making picking work easier. These automation systems and technology perform the basic pick and pack jobs while there are some systems that are more advanced and can be considered as state of the art automated picking systems. Printing systems which are used for labeling purposes are also available, so are shipping systems, cold seal packaging and automatic box centers which aid in opening or closing boxes with great speeds.

No company can ignore automation. Ignoring it will obviously cost a business in one way or the other. The above mentioned systems all provide a business with an easy way of doing things and thus it is advisable that business invest in automation systems in order to achieve and enjoy a competitive advantage over their competitors.

For more information about Walz’ automation solutions, visit:

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln,
East Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: 877.971.1500

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Today’s roster of successful independent film production companies continue to amaze the arts and entertainment world with compelling indie films and creative productions despite having minimal resources (particularly compared to major motion film producers.)

To profile some of the best in the business, here are five of the top independent film production companies that have recently created award-winning productions in recent years.independent film production companies

8180 Films

The Michigan-based independent film production company, 8180 Films, has defied all obstacles to produce four independent feature films since 2008. These films have earned several awards in popular film festivals including Mumbai International Film Festival, New York City’s VisionFest and the Oaxaca Film Festival. The writer/director of 8180 Films, Mr. Larry Brand won the award for Best Screenplay at the 2013 Napa Valley Film Festival. The latest film by 8180 Films, Beyond Glory, has already hit headlines and will be released soon. This new film features the highly talented actor, Stephen Lang, as the main protagonist.

Gilbert Films

The Gilbert Films independent film production company is based in Los Angeles, CA and is one of the few indie producers to attract top-level stars such as Owen Wilson in their productions. Some notable productions by Gilbert Films include Save The Date and Are You Here that were released on theaters and VOD in the year 2012 and 2014 respectively. Gilbert Films’ The Kids Are All Right won the Golden Globes for Best Picture and Best Actress (Comedy or Musical). The Kids Are All Right was also nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture upon its release.

Heretic Films

This Utah-based independent film company is full of action with a lot of projects in development and release. Some featured movies and documentaries by Heretic Films include Big Significant Things, Copenhagen, Waiting for Helen and Tanzania: A Journey Within. Copenhagen won Directors Choice Award and Jury Prize, Best Narrative Film Mark Raso (Director) upon its release. There are several films by this independent production company that are yet to be released but are worth checking out.

Annapurna Pictures

When Megan Ellison, the daughter of a billionaire, founded Annapurna Pictures in 2011, she had no idea how influential the independent film production company will become over the years. This Los Angeles-based company has released popular films such as American Hustle, Her, Foxcatcher and The Grandmaster. These films have won Annapurna Pictures some top awards and nomination. American Hustle had a combine fifteen Academy Award nominations upon its release by Annapurna pictures. The film won three Golden Globe Awards including Best Picture.

Sundial Pictures

Lastly on our list of top independent film production companies is Sundial Pictures based in New York City. Sundial Pictures produced famous films such as Obvious Child, Big Men and Liars All. This independent film production and distribution company was founded by Stefan Nowicki and Joey Carey in 2008. The two have gone on to win several awards after successful nomination in film festivals. Sundial Pictures production film, Obvious Child, was nominated at least three awards upon its release. This was a big achievement for the small independent film company that provides resources and supervision to upcoming actors.

Hopefully this list of top independent film production films will help you get the best in the industry. Other top companies include Coffee Films, EFO Films and Alcon Entertainment.

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