Whether your service provider, or savvy in-house marketer, plastic surgeon SEO is competitive niche in the local SEO arena. SEO for plastic surgeons has become increasingly instrumental in marketing these medical professional services and acquiring new patients.

In this era when the Internet is crucial to communication and accessing services of all kinds, marketing a plastic surgeon’s website via SEO has become a vital strategy. The advantages of using plastic surgeon SEO services go beyond earning higher rankings. Specialized companies like Optimized Surgeons provide comprehensive SEO services for plastic surgeons.optimized plasitc surgeons seo

These specialized SEO solutions include branding your website and practice, boosting your professional credibility and search engine authority, and defining our practice as the local leader in specific forms of plastic surgery. This is effectively achieved because plastic surgeon SEO helps to make your website rank atop major search engines like Google and Bing. Above all, there are studies that indicate that when you rank higher on Google, active searcher are more inclined to learn more about your plastic surgery services compared to those of other websites ranking lower than yours.

Advantages in SEO for Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgeon SEO and search marketing usually works in two major ways one is providing specialized search results and the other is to enable search results provide your location. In the first instance, plastic surgeon SEO experts will develop keywords that have special target words and phrases in them. These are usually words or phrases which people are most likely going to search for if they are looking for the kind of services you offer.

The other technique involves including your location on the keyword. If, for example, your practice is located in Texas, your potential patient would search for a plastic surgeon in Texas. Optimizing your website content in this sense, enables you establish a niche in your area of expertise and locale.

Content Marketing, Social Media & SEO for Surgeons

SEO for plastic surgeons usually works hand in hand with social media marketing. This includes expanding your media outreach on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Yahoo. The experts will not only help you share your website content onto these platforms but they will also take you through the process of linking your site on updates, shares and tweets.

Apart from social media marketing and SEO for plastic surgeons, Optimized Surgeons also offers content marketing and PPC advertising services. The two services enable their clients achieve more success in terms of outreach and expanding their patient acquisition potential. They also help their clients generate new content for their site. If you want fresh and regular content to keep your audience interested, they can do that. Posting regularly is important but the information posted on your website should also be updated from time to time according to current news, medical practices, surgical breakthroughs and even upgraded services which you may want to offer.

For any plastic surgeon who needs insights and tips on how to kickstart their SEO and website optimization today, Optimized Surgeons will take you through the process. They have a blog where they discuss how to achieve exactly this, and many more strategies. From their blog, you will get more strategies on how to market your practice and get more patients. They advise you on how to use strategies such as blogging, creating videos and keeping in touch with your patients through feedback systems.

Do you want to market your surgical practice and expand your audience on the web? SEO for surgeons from Optimized Surgeons can help successfully actualize your strategies. At Optimized Surgeons, you will find services that will push your practice to its optimum potential. To learn more visit OptimizedSurgeons.com, or check the company out on Facebook and Google+ for more information.

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Axle scales have become one of the most common systems used to determine gross vehicle weights as well as truck load weights for many different companies and organization. While portability marked a significant advancement in axle scales, the technology that makes-up these systems as drastically evolved over the past few years.

Today, axle scales have progressed to now offering operators some amazing features. Some of these advanced axle scales are advancing the industry standard. Below are three of them that embody that progression.Axle Scales

1. In-Motion Axle Scale

This industry-defining axle scale is a fully-functional, weigh-in-motion portable weighing syste, which will enable you as a user to weigh loads as well as gross vehicle weights while trucks pass over the scale at a speed that ranges from 3-5 MPH. Produced by AgWeigh.com, this axle scale systems is measured at 84 inches by 30 inches and offers 60,000 lb weighing capacity. With a remote digital indicator, you will be sure that you would buy a good one even as you do make your decisions right within a given market.

In terms of size, the in-motion axle scales are 84 inches long with 30 inches wide and Low profile of 5.75 inches in height. With a durable non-skid diamond of plate steel platform, you will definitely get a heavy duty steel construction that would make it among the best options especially when you need a perfect deal within the given market. Compared to other in-motion portable truck scales on the market, you will get one of the best deals in terms pricing and overall ROI.

wheel weighers

2. Portable Wheel Weigher

The portable wheel weigher system from WalzScale.com has a weight capacity of 60,000 lbs with a heavy duty structural construction. With fully electronic, no moving parts that are slow to wear out, with these portable axle weighers, you will get complete overload protection thus enabling you measure your load correctly without worrying about disrupting the scale with extreme loads. With a 100% of overload protection on, you will get the best weighing capacity when you need the correct measurements.

3. AXHD (Heavy-Duty) Axle Scale

The AXHD Axle Scale is a heavy-duty portable axle scale (also from industry-leader WalzScale.com) that is designed for extreme and high weight use. It has some of the best features that you can select whenever you need a perfect deal. With the kinds of deals that you would have, you will definitely understand the facts that you would have during your market choice.Portable Scales Trucks

It comes with a 40,000 by 10 lb per pad with interlocking skid-resistant ramps that makes it unique especially when you want to buy the best during your market choice. With a platform size of 27 inches long by 16 inches wide platform, you will have a low profile of 1.2 inches in height. This system is ideal for mining operations and other heavy-duty applications that demand a rugged portable weighing system for large trucks and vehicles.

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Whether you operate a small-to-medium sized business with modest mailing operations or a corporate mailroom with high-volume outbound mail, choosing a dependable and functional address printer is important if you want to bring the most to your mailroom efficiency. While there are a number of manufacturers that produce address printers and mailing machines, only some offer highly advanced equipment to best suit your needs.

address printer brands

Thee following address printer manufacturers provide you with the premium quality mailing and postage machines you can trust for all your envelope printing needs. Whether you need a simple address printer solution or a complete postage meter mailing machine, below are three brands you can depend on for great products and reliable performance.


Secap is the home of many mailing equipment and software offering you what you need for all your mailing needs. What you can get from Secap has products ranging from address printers for use with desktops to mailing software to folder inserters and much more. Their inkjet addressing system is particularly effective in printing logos, barcodes, graphics, addresses and so much more.

address printer secap

No matter how much mailing you need to do you will find an envelope addressing printer for you at Secap. The DA95F and the SA5300 are ideal for those who have high volumes of addresses thanks to the fast production speed they have. On the other hand, the DA50S and DA70S are ideal for the occasional mailers while the DA80F is the best option for a business with moderate mailing volume.

Neopost USA

Since 1924, Neopost USA has been in the mailing hardware and software manufacturing business. All the products you need for your mailing and digital communications needs are available in the large inventory Neopost has.

Mailing machines from Neopost USA include postage meters, folder inserters, address printers/addressing systems, digital printers, letter openers, shredders, tabbing systems and related supplies all sold at affordable prices. No matter what volume of mailing it is you handle there are several equipments to choose from. Examples include the AS-510C and AS-960 addressing systems for low and heavy volume mailing respectively.


Accufast is a manufacturer with a difference and aims at providing features that are useful to the mailer in all their equipment. Some of the features you can expect to find in address printers from Accufast include Ethernet connectivity, advanced GUI software and top quality printing. The address printer options are quite diverse to cater for people with different mailing needs. Among the commonest brands of address printers they make include CKx, PMx and P8.

address printer accufast


Rena is an address printer manufacturer that offers professional mailers a unique solution. This comes in what is known as the M system printing system that combines a one-of-a-kind color management software with a MACH 5 digital color printer. This combination promises effective printing and ease of use by users.

As for quality, you can trust Rena address printers as all products are manufactured in the U.S and support is impeccable. The speeds of the printers varies allowing one the liberty to choose one that suits their business the most. Among the brands manufactured by Rena are the Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus and the Mach 5 Digital Color Printer.

Walco Systems

Having been in the pint equipment manufacturing business since 1991, Walco Systems understand what it takes to make the best address printers, mailing machines and postage meter systems. They not only engineer and manufacture quality equipment but also offer clients the option of having custom equipment designed just for them.

address printer mailing machines

This is the best way to actually meet the client’s’ needs. To cater for those who do not make custom orders, the dimensions of the transport bases, inkjet systems and dryer bases are diverse so as to handle any changes in the mailing needs of a business.

These manufacturers produce some of the top address printers and related postage mailing machines on the market today. While there are several other brands that offer comparable features, these address printing systems are highly reliable and dependable for many years of use.

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In many industries, efficiency and throughput of weighing loads are vital benchmarks for success. Using out-dated truck scales and weighing systems can create a number of challenges in performance, safety, and compliance with local regulations.

On-board truck scales can ease the burden of this element of your operation by measuring the vehicle gross weight or payload weight when access to platform scales aren’t available or practical for the job.on-board semi truck scales

Advantages of On-board Weighing Systems

The practical applications of this technology offers benefits to multiple sectors of the logistics transport industry. On-board tractor trailer truck scales used on semi-trucks create efficiencies by allowing the truck to haul the maximum weights by measuring the payload at the loading point.

By eliminating the need to seek out a scale prior to transport, this saves time and money. This functionality also serves to increase safety, eliminate overweight fines, and reduce maintenance costs on your fleet when trucks and trailers are hauling at the weight they were designed to handle.

On-board Lift Truck Scales

The on-board lift truck scale is a great resource in warehousing, logistics, and supply chain management. Operations that use lift trucks or forklifts to convey loads from the warehouse to the loading dock can take advantage of the seamless communications between the scales and head office to document logistics, record weights and readily inventory the volume of freight being shipped and what remains in stock.on-board lift truck scales

On-board scales optimize warehouse and logistics weighing operations in more ways than one. In addition to offering a seamless weighing solution for lift-trucks, these systems also serve to ensure that the forklift is operating within the scope of its weight limit also increases safety to the operator and reduces the risk of incident when trying to manage loads that exceed capacity.

On-board Scales for Public Works

On-board scales also have a practical application for public works departments in the areas of waste management, haul trucks, and cement trucks. Through the use of on-board truck scales, operators and administration can verify that the trucks are operating to capacity – which represents the most efficient use of tax payer dollars, while not exceeding identified weight limits which poses a potential hazard to public safety and a liability to the jurisdiction.

On-board Scales Mining Trucks & Equipment

Mining and construction industries also serve to benefit from the use of on-board scales for mining trucks and a variety of other heavy duty equipment which is often tasked to work in some unfavorable climates and conditions. By ensuring the proper load capacities for underground trucks, material handling equipment and articulated trucks, operators can best ensure safety by not pushing the performance of their vehicles past capacity and incur unnecessary maintenance costs for the company.

on-board mining truck scales

On-board scales aren’t just available for trucks and larger wheeled transportation. On-board weighing scales are also available and practical in commercial and industrial settings where they may commonly be used for monitoring function on conveyor belts, mobile crushers or cold planers. An added benefit of these types of devices is their ease of installation which can take place on site or in the field.

When safety, efficiency and accountability are all a part of your operating mandate, the inclusion of on-board truck scales in your business will become some of your most valuable tools at your disposal.

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Optimizing the health care billing systems, especially for federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and community health centers (CHCs), is a far more complex process than what many people expect. In FQHCs and CHCs, there are diverse departments that need to collaborate well so as to improve patient billing.

When providing health services to disadvantaged people, there is need to implement effective billing procedures and policies. Why? Because many patients may be unable to pay for health services even at discounted fees if insurance does not cover them. For this reason, proven billing strategies need to be implemented to increase revenue and lower costs of services while maintaining top patient care and satisfaction.

chc fqhc billing strategies

Common Challenges With Health Center Billing Systems

An average health center has a collection and insurance billing rate of about 70% excluding self-pay and slide patients. As both CHC billing and FQHC billing are specifically tailored with many billing codes and components, it often becomes challenging to pinpoint bad chains and breakdowns in the billing process. The following are some of the causes of bad chains and breakdowns in the billing process:

  • Failure to redirect the claims properly
  • Physicians omitting some services given during the office visit
  • Failure to work on denials promptly
  • Failure to file the claims promptly
  • Failure to collect minimum and co-payments fees
  • Failure to collect previous patient account balances
  • Failure to get current patient information

Improved billing systems of FQHCs and CHCs, should require:

  • The billing of patients to be done as per the set schedule of discounts
  • A corresponding schedule of all the discounts
  • A timely follow-up on all the uncollected amounts
  • A competitive and adequate fee schedule

Proven Strategies for Health Center Billing

While many of these strategies for health center billing can be applied in-house, some find it easier to leverage these systems and strategies by working with a medical billing company. If your practice chooses to recruit the help of specialized billing provider, then be sure to find a company that specializes in your specific practice. For instance, if you operate a CHC or FQHC, you should invest your resources in a proficient FQHC billing company, like MaximizedRevenue.com.

1. Invest in Billing Software

A good health center billing software should make things much easier and professional. On the other hand, it should make it possible for the doctors to communicate with their patients through modern media like the internet or even phone calls.

health center billing software

Also, it should allow the health staff to collect and store accurate patient information easily; that includes insurance and demographics once he or she visit the health center. The modern trends require the software to have ICD-10 to expedite the claiming process and cloud support.

If the information recorded is accurate, it means the billing process will be smooth and fast. Some of the top health center billing software include NueMD, PrognoCIS, Office Practicum, Kareo, and Benchmark Systems, just to mention a few.

2. Improve Upon Patient’s Records

For effective billing, easier access, and processing, the FQHC and CMC staff should collect accurate patient information in digital form. The collected data should be stored in redundant data centers or to the cloud that has high security to ensure they are not lost or stolen.

On the other hand, all the patients’ records should regularly be updated even after the patient revisits the health center. For effective billing, some information must be available including home address, telephone numbers, birth dates, and insurance information.

3. Recruit a Medical Billing Consultant

Even if a top medical billing software is available, there is still the need to have a medical billing consultant who has a clear understanding of the whole cycle of billing. A medical billing consultant is useful in determining the correct measures that should be taken to seal the billing loopholes after carefully doing some research contingent upon the challenges a particular health center is facing. Also, the medical billing consultant can document the proper billing channels that should be followed.

Lastly, and to reiterate the point above, find a medical billing consultant with expertise in your specific practice, whether that be OB/GYN, pediatrics, CHC, or surgery. medical billing for health centers is far different than that of surgery, so this is vital consideration to realize a good ROI in recruiting a billing consultant.

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There are several types of mowers and rotary cutters available on the market today. It is worth mentioning that not all manufacturers of flail and finishing mowers or rotary cutters are created equal. It is important to choose a machine that suits your needs while offering a good return on your investment.Land Pride Mowers Rotary Cutters

Land Pride is one leading manufacturer that offers top-notch rotary cutters and mowers for a wide range of needs, and at various price points. Some of the remarkable lawn mowers and rotary cutters from Land Pride include the FM2160, AFM4214, AFM4522, among others. These machines can work wonders for maintaining properties at homes, schools, recreational facilities, and other vast open areas.

Below we take a closer look at the various lawn mowers and rotary cutters from Land Pride that define the best of the best.

Land Pride FM2160 Flail Mower

The Land Pride FM2160 flail mower is the most ideal flail mowers for recreationla areas or even learning institutions. The unique feature about schools or recreational facilities is that there are many people moving around. Such areas requires a close and smooth cut to make the place pleasing to the eye. The Land Pride FM2160 flail mower offers precision trimming in the harshest of landscapes, making even rough lawns look nice.

Land Pride FM2160 Finishing Mower

Land Pride FM2160 finishing mower is the machine to go for if you want a perfect cut for your property. The FM2160 comes with a duck footed blade that provides a nice uniform cut. In addition, the tapered ends on the rear roller plays an important role in preventing gouging, especially during tight turns.

The FM2160 offers a 2 position hitch for offsetting the land pride mower for a closer mowing along the fences, structures as well as roadsides.

Land Pride All-Flex Mower

Land Pride AFM4214 All-Flex Mower

The Land Pride AFM4214 all-flex mower offers users with the finest cut on groomed places like turf farms, sport fields, theme parks, large estates and fairways. This machine can be ordered with conventional wing driveline configurations or slip-clutch.

You will love this machine because it comes with an independent deck flotation as well as zero. The mowing speeds can go up to 6 mph to save you time while delivering a beautiful cut. And because these all-flex mowers are becoming the new industry standard, it’s easy to find replacement Land Pride mower parts for this series.

Land Pride AFM4522 All-Flex Mower

Land Pride AFM4522 all-flex mower is suitable for turf grasses that are common in large estates, sport fields and more. The contour-following ability, rear discharge design of the floating decks and effective 22-foot mowing width play an important role in reducing cutting times. The Land Pride AFM4522 all-flex mower has hydraulic wing cylinders that lift the wing decks to a transport width of about 6” to 9” for easy transportation in public.

Land Pride RC2512 Rotary Cutter

The Land Pride RC2512 rotary cutter is designed purposely for smaller tractors. However, it comes with all the features and benefits similar to larger folding cutters. Low tongue weight as well as 12” width sharp turning radius make the device the perfect rotary cutter for compact tractor users who require a large rotary cutter that suit their needs. it also has a standard stump jumper under every blade spindle slides to protect it against rocks and debris.

Land Pride Rotary Cutter

Similar to the all-flex mowers above, because these rotary cutters are becoming the a popular choice in the market, you’ll have no problem pinpointing and acquiring replacement Land Pride rotary cutter parts and blades for this model.

Land Pride RCR2684 Rotary Cutter

The Land Pride RCR2684 rotary cutter is appropriate for mowing along gentle slopes or even slight contoured right of way grasses. It clears weeds, grass and light brush to a diameter of 3″ as well as cutting height of up to 2″. It comes with oval stump jumpers to guard it against rocks. It is up to you to choose the right machine that suit your terrain and budget. The good news is that there are many options to choose from.

To see these Land Pride mowers and rotary cutters, and learn more about their specifications, visit LandPride.com.

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Load scanners are increasingly popular in today’s dynamic world where technology plays a key role in many industrial processes and technologies. The Walz load volume scanner system can be used in scanning loads that are carried by trucks and other earth moving vehicles and equipment (i.e. conveyors.) The laser-based scanner system produces a 3D image of the load volume, which not only offers a volumetric measurement, but can be converted into weight metrics.

The Walz load scanner is absolutely ideal for excavation and mining industries. In addition to generating accurate volume and weight metrics, the load volume scanner helps to ensure that haul trucks are loaded with the right amount of materials prior to leaving a mining site.

Walz Load Volume Scanner

Maximizing Value & Efficiency

Produced by reputable truck scale supplier, Walz Scale, the load volume scanner is a revolutionary form of technology that proves to be the most effective when it comes to managing and weighing material truck loads. The system generates accurate volumetric load calculations for vehicles with an open top, providing an affordable and efficient alternative to truck scales and many other external weighing systems.

This technology was exclusively developed by Walz Scale to offer in-motion payload management in addition to high definition load imagery. It enables operations to easily track and manage the volumes carried in various haulage assets in real time.

How The Load Scanner Works?

Load scanners often utilize a simple and easy-to-use platform to benefit the entire process. Apparently, the unit is first installed onto a series of supports, such as strong poles, to provide the necessary support to the payload volume scanner system. It should also be aligned to a suitable location where the entire body of the truck being scanned can be read with a lot of ease.

A truck goes through the scanner while empty. This is done to give the equipment an idea of a truck’s actual weight when it is not loaded. Once the truck is loaded, it will once again go through the scanner to determine its ideal payload. It delivers accurate payload results in real time.

load scanner

The load volume scanner Walz Scale works by simply comparing loaded scans of vehicles to their corresponding empty scans. Vehicles are typically loaded with RFID tags so as to automate the entire scanning process. Consequently, it executes a completely automated measurement system.

In addition to scanning and weighing loads, the load scanner is ideal for:

  • Verifying truck body as well as tray design
  • Load position monitoring
  • Fill factor monitoring
  • Material density
  • Volumetric production monitoring
  • Carry back monitoring

Load Scanner Technology & Components

The Walz Scale load scanner system integrates advanced patent pending algorithms along with laser technology, which allows the scanner to deliver a dynamic non-contact solution in monitoring material truck loads. These load scanners come with a number of features that make it somewhat easier to read and analyze payloads.

The supposed scanners encompass load profiling features that analyze the most accurate density of whatever is loaded in a truck bed. It can review how the materials are loaded in a truck, allowing you to know whether the materials loaded in the truck can overturn the vehicle. 3D Laser Scanner Load Imagery

The Walz load volume scanner utilize full software programs to read, analyze and execute accurate load profiling info. Similarly, their software programs are scalable and functional; which implies that they can be adjusted to suit different needs and demands.

A top load scanner system can calculate the correct volume of a truck load prior to transferring it into weight, depending on a given algorithm. The equipment focuses largely on mass and density of the materials to deliver the most precise reviews.

Features & Benefits

Real-Time Data & Feedback

The truck load volume scanner system from Walz Scale allows you to monitor and manage stockpiling inventories in addition to real time production data per material. The real time production tracking will give you an accurate idea of a truck bed load distribution, along with many other variables influencing the actual performance of a loaded truck.

Kiosk Display & Software Integration

The Walz Scale load scanner system is a 3D load scan system that allows you to operate and manage each truck load using its exceptional touch screen kiosk system. It is a fully dynamic and software integrated system that conveys a very comprehensive load scanning solution. It is suitable for more advanced industry applications and payload management solutions.load volume scanner software

Versatile & Portable

In a nutshell—load scanners prove to be useful for a number of requirements that you may be having when it comes to payload scanning. They execute accurate payload management results when it comes to reviewing different items loaded at a given time. These load scanners can be suitable for people seeking to manage their mining or shipping needs with absolute ease and confidence.

To learn more about the Walz load volume scanner, visit LoadScanner.com, the official website of the load scanner from Walz Scale.

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Neopost Postage Meter MachinesThere are several high quality postage meter machines from Neopost USA. While the company makes an assortment of options for various needs and budgets, these five Neopost postage meters are some of the most advanced systems on the marketing today.

1. Neopost IM-5000 Postage Meter Machine

The Neopost IM-5000 is an advanced postage meter machine that is guaranteed to introduce you to an experience of advanced breakthroughs in mailing machine technology. This machine features an easy to read color touch screen. It uses shortcuts, menu prompts and smart functions to eliminate errors.

This robust mailing machine has a dedicated workspace positioned under the screen which serves as an extra space for sorting and preparing mail. It also has an optional full keyboard and optional remote label dispenser to increase efficiency.

The Neopost IM-5000 postage meter has processing speeds of between 210-300 letters per minute. The machine features a dual pump and a jet spray sealing system with filter and high capacity envelop feeder. There is no doubt that this machine is ideal for a large mail processing center.

2. Neopost IN-750 Postage Meter Machine

The Neopost IN-750 postage meter machine can drastically optimize mail center management. To start with, this mailing machine has a sleek and modern design. It also has a color touch screen which enables the operator to enjoy simple navigation. The Neopost IN-750 postage meter has a fast processing capacity of 175 letters per minute.

The machine enables you to use shortcut keys to save time and energy. The Neopost IN-750 has a remote label dispenser which optimizes your work space and uses a dynamic scale to categorize and rate mixed sized mail at a speed of 110 letters per minute. The machine also has a 10, 30 and 70lb platforms, which makes it possible to handle heavy packages with ease.

3. Neopost IM-6000 Postage Meter Machine

This is another incredible mailing machine from Neopost. The Neopost IM-6000 has an height adjustable 15” touch screen. This touch screen can move left or right, forward and backward. It can also move up and down providing the much needed versatility to optimize a mail processing center. Navigation is easy on this machine as all screens display large prompts and descriptive buttons to reduce chances of errors.

The Neopost IM-6000 postage meter machine has an added full keyboard which makes it easy to customize messages on envelops. The processing speed of this machine is between 210-300 letters per minute. This machine has a dual pump and uses a jet spray sealing system with filter coupled with five different adjustment levels that guarantees a tip-to-tip envelop seal. This machine is ideal for a large volume mail processing center.

4. Neopost IN-700 Postage Meter Machine

This is another high quality mail processing machine from Neopost. This mailing machine has a color touch screen, automatic feeders and self aligning rollers to process mixed size pieces with ease. The IN-700 has a processing capacity of 140 letters per minute. The machine also has differential weighing system to reduce the prospect of manual processing and handling.

The Neopost IN-700 features up to 50 operators with pin-code protection. The machine has a remote label dispenser which optimizes workspace. The Machine is equipped with a postage meter with powerful business Apps which provides better management of mailing operations. The machine also features the online postal expense manager app which allows you to allocate, track and report postage usage.

5. Neopost IN-600 AF Postage Meter Machine

The Neopost In-600 AF provides a postage meter solution with an unbeatable versatility. This advanced mailing machine has an automatic feeder and sealer, automatic thickness adjustment and a processing capacity of 110 letters per minute. The IN-600 AF mail machine has the Online Postal Expense Manager App which enables you to allocate, track and report postage usage. The machine also allows you to view your mail data online via “My Neopost

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Facet Technologies, Inc. is a leading information technology (IT) and digital automation company that offers a wide range of services. Some of the most notable solutions offered by Facet Tech include: IT support, staffing, consulting; home automation; data recovery services; software and website development; and network security and support.

technology business

As Facet Tech continues to evolve as one of Illinois’ top IT companies, the firm seems to introduce a new line of services every year. By recruiting the top talent in the area and evolving the core competencies of the company beyond just IT solutions, Facet Tech is multi-faceted organization that delivers value to its clients in more ways then one.

Business IT Support

Facet Tech is a reputable organization that understands the needs of all types of businesses since it has been in service for more than 25 years. As a result, it clearly understands the business IT support needs of small, medium and large businesses within central Illinois and Peoria.

Facet Tech is ready to help the business to overcome problems associated with technology. If the company or organization is facing technological challenges, then Facet Technology has skilled and experienced staff who can offer answers to your issues within a short period of time.

Facet Tech’s IT services cannot be matched by other business IT support and consulting organizations since the company combines creativity, expertise and versatility. This explains why the company is an authority throughout the Peoria and central Illinois.

Business & Home Automation

The need for business and home automation is in the rise all over the world. Facet is one of the respectable companies that provide home automation services, so as to enhance company’s technology with the most advanced functionality and entertainment.

In addition, Facet Tech can offer turn-key automation systems with a single touch complete control in order to give users satisfying and involving experience as well. It is worth noting that Facet Technologies offers a wide range of home automation designs and entertainment technology, including home audio system or even reliable security system for your home or office.

IT Consulting & Staffing

Almost every business depends on technology in one way or the other. A company that make use of current technology can be more productive. Additionally, an organization that has invested a lot in business IT consulting and support services enjoy client support and satisfaction that is necessary for any thriving business. It is also important to have accredited consultants who make sure that the organization’s IT systems are in agreement with the business plans and objectives.

IT consulting services can play an important role in promoting your business general business while enhancing profits at the end of the day. Facet guides businesses in implementing advanced IT consulting programs to ensure that small businesses are prepared for the changes in the future. Further, the company help with larger organization’s IT staffing needs and recruiting the right kind of talent to establish an IT workforce in-house.

Computer Repair Services

Facet Tech offers incredible computer repair and maintenance services for all kinds of businesses in Peoria and central Illinois. Here , the staff have perfected their skill in both consumer and product services to ensure that the clients are happy and contented. You do not have to worry about repair anymore since the Facet has all it takes to repair your computers as soon as possible.

The company has partnered with the most reputable firms in the world. Some of these firms include Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Apple, Intel, and Toshiba. For this reason, Facet can solve all computer issues effectively and thus saving you a large amount of time. Facet provides user friendly services, such as remote and on-site computer repair, virus removal services, and computer optimization for boosted performance.

For more information, contact the headquarters of Facet Tech in Pekin, Illinois at:

Facet Technologies, Inc.
2103 Court Street,
Pekin, IL 61554
Phone: 309-353-4727

Or check out Facet Tech on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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As one of central Illinois’ most renowned financial services providers, Hometown Community Banks offers more than thirty branches throughout central Illinois. Each location operates under various names, but are all banks are apart of Hometown Community Banks.hometown community banks

The bank strives to serve the financial needs of consumers and businesses in central Illinois by offering a comprehensive array of products and services for personal, business, and agricultural needs. Below we go into greater detail about what makes Hometown Community Banks central Illinois’ choice for financial services.

Private/Personal Financial Services

For private banking customers, the bank offers a full complement of products including savings and checking accounts, certificates of deposit, loans, and a credit card.

The bank has five different types of checking accounts, including free checking with no fees and no minimum balance, Pot O’ Gold checking that offers premium interest, and senior citizens checking that comes with a newsletter, seminars, and events exclusively for customers age 55 or over.

The Pot O’ Gold checking gives an incentive to keep a balance of over $10,000 by paying a higher interest rate. The bank also has passbook, money market, and prime money market savings accounts. It offers certificates of deposit with terms from three months to 10 years, and health savings accounts that enable customers to save for future medical expenses and earn interest tax-free.

Lending Services

The bank offers a full range of loans including vehicle, student, and personal loans. For those planning to purchase a home, the bank has a variety of mortgage loans available, with qualifying decisions made by local employees.

Customers who plan to buy in rural communities can take advantage of USDA-sponsored Rural Development home loans that provide financing to qualifying borrowers at competitive interest rates with no down payment. The bank has an online mortgage center whereby borrowers can learn about mortgages and home purchases, check current rates, calculate payments, and apply for a mortgage loan in 20 minutes.

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Specialized Financial Services

Additionally, Hometown Community Banks has investment, insurance, and retirement services. Its staff of full-service financial advisors handles IRAs, annuities, and college savings plans, as well as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Its insurance products include home, boat, renters, disability, health, and long-term care insurance.

The Hometown Visa Gold rewards credit card earns rewards with each purchase. Rewards can be in the form of cash back or travel and entertainment credits and gifts. The card pays cash back up to 1% for qualifying purchases of $3,000 or more during the year.

For business customers, Hometown Community Banks also offers savings and free checking accounts and loans. The business savings account earns interest on average balances of $100 or more, and charges a small fee if balances fall below $100. The business money market account likewise pays interest on balances of $2,500 or more and charges a fee if the balance falls below $2,500.

The bank has a range of other business financial products available including small business loans, an operating line of credit with floating balance, and real estate and equipment leasing and financing. The Visa Business credit card earns rewards points for qualifying business purchases. Rewards points can be used for air travel, cruises, hotels and dining, car rentals, vacations, and gifts.

Supporting the Agricultural Sector of Central Illinois

As a bank serving the farming communities of central Illinois, Hometown Community Banks offers a full line of business products specifically for agricultural customers. It’s Ag Money Market account pays competitive interest on balances of $2,500 or more, and its Ag Prime Money Market account pays tiered interest rates on balances of $15,000 or more.

The Business SuperNow checking account pays competitive interest when the balance is at least $5,000. The bank offers a seasonal line of credit for farming customers, and real estate and business loans for such investments as new farmland and livestock.

The bank provides a special version of its Visa Business credit card to agricultural customers, which can earn rewards such as air travel, cruises, and vacation packages. With this version of the card, customers can instead choose to receive cash back. The cash back reward ranges up to 1% for qualifying purchases of $3,000 or more during the year.

To see all of Hometown Community Bank’s banks in Illinois, visit the official website at HometownBanks.com.

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