Zune120 Confirmed

Zune Social: solar257 | By: Neville Williams | 8/24/2008 |

Just checked my email and on Friday, I received this missive from Zune Insider's Cesar Mendez:

"You’ve probably all seen about 120GB @the FCC– and just wanted to send you a note to confirm that is indeed part of the plan. There's definitely more details coming in the way of new software and hardware, pricing etc."

There you have it, a confirmation of the Zune120, along with new software, and hardware. Has Microsoft forgot about Zune? I do not think so.

On a personal note: I have not been around for a bit mostly because I had the headache of troubleshooting a dying motherboard. Putting a computer back together has been a general pain that I have not wanted to come home and deal with -- especially when the Olympics were on prime time all week on the east coast. Speaking of which, I was working on a post about consuming Olympic content (generally, I use Live Writer)... now I suppose it will be a "think piece" whenever I get my motherboard back from Foxconn. Ces't la vie...
Edit: Now where did my blog post pictures go?

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