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Zune Social: tromboneforhire | By: Marques Lyons | 5/28/2009 |

Figure2-Receiving[1]One of the Zune team members, Shane and I are starting a little program on Twitter. Through this program we hope to get the Zune Users on Twitter sharing music that they’re listening to and rocking out on. Ready to participate? Here’s how.


Step #1:

To directly link you go to: and search for the track/artist like this:

Then you expand the track you want and right click the BUY button and COPY SHORTCUT:


Step #2

Take that URL and make it a TinyURL. Feel free to use any program you like to shorten it. Obviously if you’re gonna put this on twitter, you can’t use the entire URL that’s presented to you through the search. I think pretty much any Twitter client will shorten it for  you, but just make sure that it’s a small URL so you can fit the rest of the information in.


Step #3

Paste that new tiny url into your twitter box, give the name of the song and the artist and the hashtag #zunetune. When you do post your twitter you have to make sure that you have all of the elements intact: #zunetune, link to song, name of song/artist, comments (if you have space left).

I format mine, for the most part like this: - #zunetune - "Hello" by Eminem {You can totally tell he's back on top of his game}

Step #4

When done, your twit should look something like this.

Come join us and have fun.

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