Conversation Piece: A Zune HD 2 or a Zune HD Plus?

Zune Social: tromboneforhire | By: Marques Lyons | 8/29/2010 |


I’ve heard the rumblings that people believe Microsoft should release a Zune HD 2. Apparently, the Zune HD has already ran it’s course and it’s already time to talk of a new device that will basically read your mind, make you burgers, potty train your dog and have an alarm clock.

I can understand the sentiments, but I want to propose a different idea: What if instead of introducing a totally new device, what if Zune HD got such a firmware upgrade that it felt new all over again? Does anyone remember when the Zune 80s and 120s came out? Remember that firmware update that the Zune 30s got and how suddenly it felt like a totally new Zune.

How about the XBOX 360? People should already be talking about XBOX 720 in the wake of what types of offerings the PS3 has (remember people wanted the “new” XBOX 360 to have a Blu-Ray player). When all of these major upgrades didn’t happen, people thought XBOX 360 was going to fall behind… insert firmware updates, software and services.

With additions such as avatars, Kinect, Netflix, Last.FM, Twitter, Facebook, Zune, etc XBOX 360 is being given great new life that could last it at least a couple of more years. So what if the current Zune HD got the same type of firmware boost?

I have this strong feeling that we really are only scratching the surface of what the Zune HD can do. I would be hard-pressed to think that this device would be released only to be used as a stepping stone to the beefier device that’s REALLY supposed to show what Zune is about.

With Microsoft on a current software+services drive, their making it about the internals that run a device. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a firmware update to the Zune HD that would suddenly make it feel like a new machine, much like how they were able to do the same with the Zune 30.

But what do you guys think? Is it possible for enough of a firmware update to give the Zune HD more life, or do you believe that it’s just high time for a new device altogether?

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