That Is It For The New Windows Branding?

Zune Social: solar257 | By: Neville Williams | 2/19/2012 |

The new blue Window 8 logo featuring a Window-like logo next to the phrase Windows 8 as opposed to a waving flag like logo seen in the past

[Image Source: Windows Team Blog]

Recently the Windows Team introduced a new logo for Windows 8. I posted the logo above. As noted on the Windows Team blog, the new logo harkens back to Windows 1.0 more than the flag-like Windows logos seen for the past twenty years. See, the thing to the left of the phrase ‘Windows 8’ is a window and not a flag. Some believe the new Windows logo is missing something. Others see the logo as out of perspective. Still other's feel the new logo misses out on potential branding opportunities. This probably leads many to ask, "that is it? What about the other Microsoft products?" In short, no; there is more to come.


Among other topics, an introductory post from Pentagram Design, designer of the new Windows 8 logo, gives some insight into the future of the new Windows logo,


"[Pentagram Design's Paula] Scher and her team created a complete system based on the idea of perspective. The designers completed motion studies to demonstrate the transformation of the flag shape into a window shape, to show that they weren’t that far apart and would be an easy and elegant transition for the brand. (Marks that fit into this perspective have been created for other Microsoft brands and programs, but have not yet been implemented*.)"

*emphasis added

Picture of Windows Phone 7.5 with a slogan of "Put people first"Logo of Microsoft's Xbox 360 with a lighted gradient grey sphere upon which a green X is openingOffice 2010 Logo featuring four boxes of different sizes with a yellow to orange color gradient overlay

[Image Sources (top to bottom): Microsoft Pressroom, Microsoft Pressroom, Wikipedia]

Define: Brand Mark. Seems like Windows 8 is just the beginning. While the Windows 8 window may look out of place against the flat red square of Windows Phone, the lighted grey three dimensional sphere of Xbox, and the yellow-orange gradient squares of Microsoft Office it is entirely possible that these and other logos (Zune maybe?) have been reworked to fit the motion and perspective of the new Windows 8 logo. With that in mind, perhaps we should look to the future of these Microsoft products with the anticipation of fresh icons (and interfaces?) coming soon.

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