Ag Weigh has become one of the top suppliers of truck scales for farmers and agriculture-based companies that have regular needs for weighing crop yields. The various types of scales that are available are specifically designed to make it easier to weigh and measure crop loads as they are being transported.

And unlike any provider of truck scales, Ag Weigh’s advanced on-board scale systems have become especially popular with those who work with high-volume yields and need a weigh solution that will maximize harvest

The on-board scales offered by Ag Weigh are made with different types of components compared to external truck scale units. Not only are on-board scale systems easy to install on a wide variety of farm trucks and equipment, but on-board truck scales are easy to operate.

On-board Scales for Farm Trucks

On-board truck scales from the Ag Weigh are engineered using a series of sensors and measuring units that are seamlessly installed and calibrated as to differentiate the a truck’s load when empty and when the truck bed is loaded with materials. These sensors function by determining the total amount of pressure (or weight) that is displaced on a truck bed at a given time to enable operators to determine accurate weight of the load. on-board scale terminal

Compared to external weighing systems, like portable truck scales or weighbridge truck scales, Ag Weigh’s on-board truck scale systems offer a layer of convenience and efficiency that make a huge impact on a farmer’s operations. Each scale system uses a simple readout interface that is programmed to work wirelessly with the sensors. This can be adjusted and reset as demanded while configuring load weight to be determined, and allows farmers to quickly record data as needed.

Seamless Installation & Operation

The installation process and setup of on-board scales makes it to where it can be easily used for all of one’s demands. The process allows farmers to quickly review the total weight of items on truck scale with minimal effort and additional inputs.

on-board truck scaleThis process is especially done quickly and effortlessly with the intention of creating a reliable setup that will be advantageous to any farmer. The setup has been made to create a body that works wonders and is not too hard to use for any circumstance that one might hold for using the product in general.

Ag Weigh has also proven itself to be one of the top suppliers of external or portable truck scales for farmers. These are also easy to install and can be moved around from farm to farm. In addition, these are designed to withstand harsh conditions and repetitive use without needing to be re-calibrated time and time again.

The world of truck scale is a strong one for all to explore. The Ag Weigh makes it easy for anyone to get different types of on-board truck scales for a wide variety of vehicles and farming equipment.

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