Walz Scale has evolved over the years to now being a globally-recognized leader in engineering of various truck scale systems for many industry applications. Among the company’s top truck scales system, its weighbridge technology is among the most popular.

weighbridge by Walz Scale

Not only are weighbridge truck scales suitable for tough environments, but they’re also ideal for companies that need custom applications and weighing functionality. As one of the most versatile truck sales for high volume weighing, weighbridge truck scales provide extremely accurate weights and seamlessly use for operators.

Functionality of Walz Weighbridge Truck Scales

Weighbridge truck scales can be explained as a set of scales that have been mounted on top of a concrete foundation to provide accurate weight. The vehicle to be weighed is normally driven over the thin electronic weigh cells that have been supplanted on the weigh bridges. Thereafter, a computer gathers the cell’s output and then finds the entire weight of the vehicle.

weighbridge truck scale

Determining the weight of the vehicle when loaded and when empty, the load carried is calculated. Walz Scale applications employ this technology for diverse industrial processes. This calibration process is essential, and Walz Scale can help provide proper truck scale calibration services with a client’s fleet.

Weighbridge Design & Composition

Walz weighbridge truck scales offer cutting edge design and composition. Some of the capabilities and features behind these heavy-duty weighbridges includes:

Open bottom design

All weighbridge truck scales have an open bottom design. Unlike the competitive models that have closed bottom design, this unique feature enables the truck scales to stay longer. Closed bottom models normally accumulate moisture within that eventually causes corrosion and functional failure. weighbridge open bottom

Above ground systems

Vehicle weighing has evolved and today, one of the most common forms of weighbridge scale installation is the above ground system. Walz Scale’s above ground scale systems come with a variety of options including grain dumps, guide rails, and custom widths.

Pit installation

Truck sales such as the HD-Series Weighbridge Truck Scales from WalzScale.com can be installed into pit foundations. This type of weighbridge installation is normally vital when there’s limited area for installing the above ground scale.Pit Install Weighbridge Scale

Tension mounting systems

Walz Scale truck scales don’t normally require rods and bumper bolts. They make use of a tension mounting system which is responsible for canceling unnecessary scale movements. In addition, the systems offers better repeatability and accuracy.

Full-service calibration

High volume weighing is almost instantaneous after completion by Walz Scale through access to 80,000 lb vehicle test truck for weighbridge calibration. The potential to provide such testing has enabled the company to be awarded calibration and maintenance contracts by some of the nation’s largest companies.

Common Applications of Weighbridge Scales

Today, Walz weighbridge truck scales for sale are prominent in industries that either produce or move bulk items. They include mines/quarries, bulk powder, agricultural production, household production goods, recycling centers, electrical equipment production and many others.

Still, Walz Scale truck scales can be used for many other custom applications. Accurate weight measurement is extremely vital especially when products to be delivered have to be paid for depending on the weight..

Walz Scale is a trusted provider when it comes to weighbridges that ensure you have the most accurate weight measurements. To access these equipments, contact Wa

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An integral part of transporting goods from one location to another is weighing. The importance of choosing a reliable weighing system is absolutely undeniable for many industries. This is mainly because the weight of the transported material often directly influences how much money the producer is making (or has other cost implications like mitigating overload fines or maintaining the integrity of the vehicle.)

The ideal weighing systems are accurate, portable, durable, affordable, or a combination of the latter. However, the most important aspect of top performing weighing systems is that they meet the unique demands the user. So in this article, we have gathered 5 of the most industry-defining weighing systems that are commonly used across many different industries.

weighing systems

These state of the art weighing solutions are currently in use in modern mining operations, agricultural facilities, and just about any industry where there is a frequent need for determining the weight of transported materials. Let’s take an in-depth look at each of these weighing systems and find out their advantages, applications, and features.

Payload Scanner

This is a new and cutting-edge weighing solution that’s suited for high volume industries such as mining. The technology so ingenious that it has completely eliminated the traditional weighing systems previously installed in mining facilities. The system is completely automated and measures the volume of the load in a matter of seconds. The way it works is actually very clever.

The payload scanner system first takes a 3D image of the empty truck and then scans again once the truck is loaded up and ready to go. After comparing the two images, the system calculates and generates a wide range of data. The great thing about this system is that it can be monitored real time and the entire scanning process is conducted while the truck is in motion.

payload scanner

The entire system comprised of a computer, mounting hardware, and 3D scanner. A typical payload scanner system resembles the look of a traditional street light. The only difference is instead of shedding light it scans and records volumetric data of trucks that pass under it.


  • Fast Installation: The entire system is so compact that it can be installed and put into operation in a single day.
  • Accurate: The volumetric data collected by the system is so accurate that it successfully eliminates the need for any guess work.
  • Zero Stoppage Time: The system scan while the trucks are in motion completely eliminating stoppage times for the entire weighing process.

Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales are utilized by a range of different users and is considered to be one of the best and most versatile weighing systems available today. The way portable truck scales work is pretty simple.

Portable Scales Trucks

Portable truck scale systems comprise of aluminum or steel weighing scales. These scales are carefully laid on the ground and then the trucks are driven and halted on top of these scales. By comparing the data collected with the empty weight of the truck, the system accurately calculates the load weight.


  • Portable: The entire system is highly compact and can easily be carried around if necessary.
  • Versatile: Can be used to measure the load weight of different types of trucks. They are also easy to install and use.

On-board Truck Scales on-board truck scales unit

As the name suggests, this particular weighing system is installed on trucks themselves. On-board truck scale technology is centered around load cells, which are installed between chassis and body of the trucks. After on-board truck scales installed correctly, the truck itself becomes a giant weighing scale and continuously measures its load and displays it on a monitor.


  • Fast: Once on-board truck scales are installed weighing the load becomes instantaneous.
  • Accurate: Depending on the sensitivity of load cells, on-board truck scale systems are usually highly accurate and dependable.

In-motion Rail Scales

The above-mentioned weighing solutions are geared towards measuring loads on trucks. However what happens when the load carried needs to be transported on the rail? Well, this is exactly where the in-motion rail car weigh scales come into play.

rail weighing scale system

These innovative weighing systems are fitted between traditional rail tracks and can measure the weight of any rail car passing over it.


  • Dependable: This is one of the most dependable weighing systems that can used to immense load in a short span of time.
  • Portable: These scales can be carried around and are relatively easy to install. It so easy in fact that it does not require the assistance of a rail maintenance engineer.

In-motion Axle Scales

The in-motion axle scales work somewhat like the portable truck scales discussed above. The only difference is that portable in-motion axle scales can measure the weight of the load while the truck is in motion. The trucks need to drive over the weighing platform at a constant slow pace and the system automatically calculates the load weight by comparing the weight of the empty truck.


  • Fast: By allowing the trucks to drive by instead of stopping for the weighing process, the in-motion axle scales offers a faster solution compared to portable truck scales.
  • Minimized Stoppage Time: The in-motion axle scale system can generate weight measurement while the trucks slowly pass over the scale.

For more cutting-edge, industry-defining weighing solutions, visit WalzScale.com, a leading manufacturer of advanced weighing systems for a number of heavy-duty applications.

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