Practice Management, one of the leading medical billing companies that specializes in FQHC billing, will be among the many top corporations exhibiting at the 2015 Community Health Institute (CHI) Expo presented by the National Association of Community Health Center (NACHC).

CHI Expo 2015

The NACHC CHI expo, which will be held in Orlando, FL this year, is considered one of the most important annual gatherings in the community health sector. There’s expected to be over 2,000 clinicians, leaders, board members, and managers present at this event. One the most reputable parties will be the FQHC billing specialists of Practice Management.

About Practice Management

Practice Management specializes in the field of FQHC billing and is considered one of the most reputed companies in the country. They aim to increase revenue for a clinic by using modern techniques coupled with an aggressive revenue cycle system.

Practice ManagementThe firm is also known to work perfectly within the electronic health record system of the clinic. Practice Management guarantees increased cash flow, faster payments and better revenues. This also gives the clinic employees more time to focus on just taking care of the patients.

In addition to FQHC billing solutions, the services provided by Practice Management include CHC billing, medical billing and coding, consulting, credentialing, commercial insurance and medical claims, among other specialized forms of medical billing. Their offices also have a bilingual customer service staff that makes for much easier communication with patients. They also provides services in EMR Practice Management Systems. Overall, it is a highly comprehensive FQHC billing service that the company provides.

About This Year’s NACHC CHI Expo

The 2015 CHI Expo is going to be one of the most important annual gatherings of professionals working in the community health sector. The NACHC 2015 CHI expo will be held in Orlando just as the main provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACT) are being implemented. The ACT is going to have a major impact on the industry and all operations will be affected by it.

A number of changes can be expected soon. At the NACHC expo the most pertinent information about this transformation will be discussed at length by the companies and members. Many tools and solutions will also debated upon to see how companies can stay competitive in this new marketplace. Anybody involved in the health care sector can only benefit from being present at such an event right now.chi-expo-2015-nachc

At the NACHC Expo, you will be able to network, connect and learn new skills with complete ease. Especially, in the current scenario it has become even more important to understand new innovations and ideas. You will be able to hear the thought and views of leaders of the industry. There will also be onsite training sessions and technical booths to help all professionals understand the challenges of the modern work place.

Every aspect of community health is going to be discussed and studied at the expo. There will be a number of dynamic speakers and lecturers. Workshops, training sessions and discussions are going to be a part and parcel of the exhibition. It will help you learn ideas and solutions that can be implemented into your business. Attending this expo can definitely benefit you in every possible way. There is no question about the fact that you will come out becoming a better community health industry professional.

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Medical billing and coding is not a walk in the park. The question is about how a medical service provider is going to tell the difference between a billing medical company whose purpose is to get rich quick and the one it can entrust with confidence.

To mindfully select a professional medical biller for you health center or medical practice will require evaluating these five major criteria when selecting the right medical billing company:

  • Level of service
  • Industry experience
  • Use of technology
  • Pricing model
  • Capacity to take new customers

Functions of Professional Medical Billing Service

A medical billing company or outsource medical biller is going to take over majority of patient billing functions in medical provider’s office.

medical biller consulting

To get maximum benefits, the provider should select a medical billing company which performs at least the following functions:

  • Claim generation & submission
  • Patient invoicing & support
  • Collection agency transfer services

The above are the key features of medical billing. Following up with insurance providers and chasing denied claims are two main areas medical billing services normally excel better when compared to provider’s in-house staff.

Other services which may be provided include medical coding, credentialing, insurance eligibility verification, transcription and appointment scheduling.

Choosing the Right Medical Billing Service

Below we go into greater detail regarding the above criteria that helps health centers and medical practices alike pinpoint reliable and professional medical billing services. This criteria is applicable to all types of patient/medical billing, spanning from federally qualified health center (FQHC) billing services to pediatric billing services.

Level of service

There are some significant functions which a provider together with billing service should outline prior to entering into partnership like reporting and analyzing. When the right level of service is not chosen, the provider is not going to get full advantages of outsourcing their medical billing.

Industry experience

When evaluating experience, they require looking beyond the number of years that the company has been operating. Experience here not only includes time but familiarity with some specialties. Billing certification has an important role to play here.

Use of technology

Software for medical billing is letting billing service achieve more with less. But note: just because they are employing sophisticated billing software does not necessarily translate to efficient work. They should have proper steps in place to take full advantage of the billing software.

Pricing options

When operating with practices whose profits run in millions of dollars, cost savings between pricing models may be in hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are 3 pricing options provided by medical billing services. They are: percentage based, free-based and hybrid.

Ability to take new clients

The provider should assess if the billing service has the capacity of taking new client. Remember that much of payoff in hiring a billing company comes from fee collection and pursuit of denied claims. Thus, a billing service which lacks the capacity to follow up effectively with outstanding bills is going to offer limited benefit.

It’s also important to note that when outsourcing your medical billing needs, make sure that this individual or company has particular expertise in the type of billing which your medical practice conducts. There are different kinds of billing services for different kinds of medical practices. For example, medical billing for a chiropractor or surgeon is quite different from 0B/GNY billing or health center patient billing, and each one of them demands specialized professionals experienced in particular forms of medical billing and coding.

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Embracing new technologies and chiropractic techniques over the span of his career, Dr. Mik Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic has cultivated an innovative practice that is gaining recognition all throughout California. The Berkeley chiropractor offers over 40 years of experience in the chiropractic profession, and he continues to evolve the standard of care by offering some of the most advanced treatment programs to a wide spectrum of patients.Chiropractor Dr. Hamilton of Berkeley CA

Spanning from elite athletes seeking to optimize performance to older adults looking to minimize pain, Dr. Hamilton’s Berkeley chiropractic office caters to a wide range of patients. His unique approach has earned a reputation throughout the Bay Area’s chiropractic community, and individuals all over the region seek his expertise and resources to improve spinal health, mobility, and overall well-being.

Advancing The Standard of Care

Unlike many other chiropractors in Berkeley and throughout the Bay Area, Dr. Hamilton offers a creative combination of treatments that go above and beyond standard spinal adjustments. First, patients must get a series of spinal X-rays, including images of the neck, head, and pelvis. The enables Dr. Hamilton to make clear measurements that help set the course for an individualized treatment program based on the patient’s unique situation.

After making calculated measurements and assessing patients’ posture and spinal health, the Berkeley chiropractor is able to project the extent of care and what the treatment program will entail. For example, a patient with mild subluxation and spinal imbalance or curvature may be prescribed an 8-week program that consists of 2-3 adjustments per week, along with other therapies like K-Laser therapy, spinal decompression, at-home exercises, and body weight rehabilitation.

In short, Dr. Hamilton delivers a complete package to help restore the spinal functioning of his patients.

New & Advanced Chiropractic Treatments

What sets Dr. Hamilton apart from other Berkeley chiropractors are the new and advanced chiropractic treatments that he offers. Paramount to his practice is the Pettibon System. This approach (in conjunction with traditional adjustments and chiropractic care) uses a system of head and body weighting and postural muscle rehabilitation to sustainably correct posture. The objective behind the Pettibon System is long-term spine correction that optimizes mobility and overall health in many areas throughout the body.

K-Laser Chiropractic TherapyIn addition to his foundational approach to chiropractic care, Dr. Hamilton also offers a number of specialized treatment options that help accelerate the rehabilitation and recovery process. Some of these treatments include:

  • Disc Decompression
  • Laser Pain Therapy
  • Home Care Programs
  • Onsite Spinal Rehab
  • Postural Correction

To learn more about some of the treatment options available Dr. Hamilton’s Berkeley chiropractic office, follow the address and contact information below. Or visit the Berkeley chiropractor’s website at

Hamilton Chiropractic
1313 Gilman St, Ste B
Berkeley, CA 94706
Phone: (510) 526-3362

You can also learn more about Dr. Mik Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic in Berkeley, CA by visiting his pages on Facebook, Google+, and YouTube.

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