Established in 1989, Facet Technologies, Inc. has cemented its position as a leader in providing IT solutions for business owners and other organizations in Peoria and central Illinois region. Facet Technologies believes in making innovative, tailor-made products IT solutions that are in line with your specific needs. facet web tech website design

Why are we different you ask? At Facet Tech, we invest in the best creative minds and are up to the minute with what’s happening in the industry. That way, we’re able to come up with relevant IT solutions, even as technology advances.

And, for more than two decades of our existence, we have done quite a lot in the central Illinois technology scene, ranging from offering IT solutions for schools, IT support solution to small and medium size businesses. As a member of Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, you can trust Facet Technologies to plan and install your electronic systems including networking, automation and entertainment, as well as integrated whole house subsystems.

It is with this background and experience in the industry that we founded Facet Web Tech, our latest branch that is set to give you a whole new experience as far as web design and software development in Peoria and its environs goes.

Inside Peoria’s Newest Web Design Company

Gone are the days when you didn’t pay much attention to the layout and outlook of your business website. Statistics indicate that potential customers are likely to stay on your site for more than a minute if its design is attractive and well organized. In these days of cut edge competition, your site needs to be interactive, user-friendly and easy to maneuver.

Additionally, the software solutions your company uses have to be inventive and in line with your needs. This is the thinking that inspired the formation of Facet Web Tech; to provide you with web design and software solutions that will give you a competitive edge.

website development

Here’s a breakdown of what Facet Web Tech is all about:

Website Development

With its web design services, Facet Web Tech will create a beautiful and interactive site that makes a potential customer want to find out more what you company is all about. Our experienced team of web development specialists will help optimize your online presence in central Illinois and beyond with a high-performance website. That way, meeting the goals and objectives of your company becomes easier.

software development

Software Solutions

Are you having trouble getting software solutions that guarantee to take your company’s efficiency and output to the next level? Not anymore! Facet Web Tech will help solve any software problems with a tailored made solution in central Illinois as per your company needs.

website optimization

Clean Your Hacked Website

Every business owner dreads his or her company’s website getting hacked. Nonetheless, if the unfortunate event happens Facet Web Tech will help get your site up and running again quickly. Also, our team will put measures in place to prevent future attacks. Don’t let a hacked website keep you out of business. Just contact our malware team and w can provide a remote-based computer virus removal service to get you back up and running.

With the new Peoria area web design branch of Facet Tech, getting even more robust and comprehensive IT solutions from just one provider in Peoria just became easier and quicker.

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Truck weighing scales used for heavy-duty load weighing utilize some of the industry’s most advanced load cell technology to deliver quick and precise readings. The manufacturing and distribution companies in the truck scale industries are utilizing these systems to ease the entire process of weighing.truck weigh scales

These truck weigh scales are not just precise, but they are also durable, and they enhance the weighing process. That mentioned, here are the top three truck weigh scales leading the industry standard. You can find most of these truck weigh scales at

1. On-board Scales

On-board scales are specifically developed to deliver efficient weighing for each load that is in transit on a truck. With the on-board weighing scales, they will be installed directly on the truck, which will then allows the driver to know the exact weight of the load. The scales have load cell sensors, which accommodate the whole weight of the truck.

Each type and size of the truck will have a special on-board scale that is connected to the ignition switch. Even the slightest load on the truck will be sensed and displayed on the LCD of the scale. On-board scales is made up of load cell sensors that calculate the weight of the truck, along with an LCD screen that will display the weight.

The on-board weighing scale is perfect for straight trucks, wheel loaders, and tractor trailers. On-board truck scales in particular work perfectly for such industries like mining. For robust and heavy-duty on-board weighing systems, check out Walz Scale’s On-board division.

2. Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales are one of the most common scales for truck weighing due to their convenience and versatility. These scales are specially designed to be used as wheel weighers as they function by trucks driving up onto the scales weighing pads. They are also called the portable axle scales and are known for their versatility and ruggedness.

portable truck scales

The image of this portable truck scale systems is from

Portable truck scales are light and are easily carried around in a case. These truck weigh scales are simply placed parallel to each front tire. As the track moves over the portable wheel weigher scales, they will take the exact weight of each truck that passes. They are durable and sturdy enough to withstand the heavy truck weight.

These scales are mostly used for farmer trucks, construction, mining operations, agricultural produce, and waste management trucks. They are also accurate in delivering the units.

3. Weighbridge Scales

The weighbridges are also used in measuring the weight of trucks. Even though they have been around for some time, they use a special technology to deliver the right weight of the truck. The weighbridges work either under two mechanisms; mechanical or electronic. The mechanical system is the lever option while the electronic system uses compressed electronic load cells.weighbridge truck scales

With the mechanical lever, it will work under a set of breakdown levers that limit the weight on the lever system, which acts as a pivot of the load. This way, the lever will reduce the load exerted at the furthest end. As the truck moves over the lever, the scale will pick up the weight and deliver them on a monitor at the supervision center. The electronic system is all about the truck rolling over the weighbridge scale slowly, and the bridge will send the exact weight to the monitor at the supervision station.

Weighbridge scales are commonly used on highways to determine the exact weight of the truck and determine if they are overloaded. Most of the highway weight stations use the weighbridge scales to get the weight of the trucks. All these are scales used in the manufacturing, logistics, construction and highway weight stations. They help to make the weighing process quick and precise.

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SEICO is one of the most respected security system suppliers in the Peoria area of Central Illinois. They have been in the business of securing commercial and residential settings since 1972. There are several reasons why SEICO Security is often ranked among the best in the area.Seico Security

First off, they offer access control systems which are primarily used to safeguard access points in premises. For this they have packaged different products including fingerprint scanners and key card scanners. Apart from that, they offer a high level of expertise in banking system consulting, installation of audio/video systems and fire alarm systems among others.

Security Systems

The company has a rich background in providing custom-designed and integrated security systems that are geared to meet individual security needs. They offer a number of wireless and video security systems including access control system with data server security, security alarm systems, CCTV surveillance, video and photo ID badging. These services are in high demand among residential and commercial facilities as well as medical and educational systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are a much needed form of protection against fires. This Peoria-based company offers top-notch support on all consumer needs that are associated with fire incidences, smoke detection and even fire response systems such as overhead sprinklers. Besides that, they offer emergency response services and bi-annual inspections.

Security System Design

One thing that separates SEICO from other security solutions providers is that they do not re-sell other organization’s inventions. They have all the engineering and design capacity needed to build fool-proof security systems from some of the best products. This therefore gives the client the comfort that whatever technology they are using is unique and not copied from other fallible concepts.

Audio-Visual Systems Integration

For those seeking AV systems for better presentation, communication and collaboration, SEICO has for long proven to be a go to provider. They have a team of designers, architects and IT professionals who together work to create innovations that suit diverse needs. An example of a collaboration platform from SEICO Security is InFocus Modopad, which among other things helps integrate modern technology with real-life circumstances.

Home Security & Monitoring

Homeowners looking for special security protection and appropriate sensors can also look up to SEICO for custom-made solutions that perform tasks such as warding off unwelcomed visitors and detecting anomalies. In addition to providing such systems, the organization provides hands-on services including fire alarm inspections, testing and repair, 24 hours monitoring and life safety services.

Bank Security Consultingsecurity system design

With the increase in bank related crimes it is vital to ensure that the bank is:

  • In full compliance with relevant security regulations as stipulated in the bank Protection and Bank Secrecy acts.
  • Using a security program that meets industry standards .
  • Providing customers and employees with valuable assets with a safe environment.

SEICO Security is reputed for its high level of expertise, which is evidenced in provision of banking security consulting services that are meant to minimize risk and maintain regulatory compliance.

SEICO not only offers traditional security solutions but also cutting-edge innovations that help in minimizing liability. Banks, commercial facilities, government institutions and residential property owners all fall under the category of clients targeted by this company.

To learn more about this reputable security systems company in Peoria, IL, visit or contact:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

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Are you looking for the top-rated and leading manufacturers of envelope and address printer machines? Then you’ve come to the right place. In making the selection you must consider workflow, typical load capacity, what types of ink will you need and it goes from there. For the sake of space only a few key points on each printer are included in this review. You’ll also find the links to each manufacturer’s line-up of envelope and address printer machines where you can see everything about them.

Pitney Bowes pitney bowes

Pitney Bowes has several great systems for address and envelop printing. That’s what has landed it on this top-rated list. Let’s take a look at a few top models of Pitney Bowes envelope and address printer machines.

  • DA50s AddressRight® Addressing System – Ten thousand pieces of mail per hour max. It’s also able to print just about anywhere on the envelope for eye-catching teasers to get people to open them. Also saves you money by offering a print “Light Mode” which is saves ink in a way that maintains resolution.
  • DA70s AddressRight® Addressing System – Fourteen thousand pieces of mail per hour max. Designed for a wide selection of formats for mailing and materials to be printed on. Boasts sensors built-in which are there to keep every print job running smooth.
  • Print + Messenger™ Color Inkjet System – Promising to both increase your response and reduce your costs. Innovative work design allows you to keep quality in print while changing applications. Quick dry ink meets standards for USPS® Intelligent Mail®.

Renarena address printers

Rena features updates that keep it running large print runs from your desktop inkjet unit. Check this great cross section out of Rena address printers.

  • Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus – Prints up to thirty thousand postcards per hour. Handles material to 3/16 inch thick. Powerful clutch-control feeder that is integrated. USB 2.0 high speed port.
  • Envelope Imager 2.5 – Print up to thirty thousand postcards per hour. Features electronic thickness control of one fourth inch. Also has clutch-control feeder and USB 2.0 port integrated into unit.
  • Mach 5 Digital Color Printer – Print up to seven thousand five hundred envelopes per hour. That is with full bleed to edge capability. Also boasts automatic cleaning and capping station along with five – two hundred and fifty mL ink tanks for (CMYKK)

Secapsecap address envelope printer

Secap is always pressing forward to set new standards with maximum focus on productivity. Rounding out this list, take a look at some of the leading address printers from Secap to find out why.

  • DA95F Addressing Printer – Addresses a maximum of thirty-thousand pieces of substrate per hour. Offers feeder that is integrated right in holding a maximum of seven hundred and fifty number ten envelopes. Has both USB 2.0 port and Ethernet port.
  • DA80F Addressing Printer – Addresses a maximum of twenty-two thousand pieces per hour. Designed to handle a wide range of print media. Handles up to one thousand postcards or up to four hundred and fifty envelopes in hopper.
  • DA95F with Feedright Feeder – Addresses a maximum of thirty-thousand pieces of up to half inch thick media per hour. Eight quality options for cost and speed ranging from executive to light. Super control on registration for smaller printed mail.

There you have it. These aren’t all of the address printer products available from these companies (nor all the features,) but this is a great point to start your search for the perfect envelope and address printer. If you’d like to buy these address printer machines, we suggest, a reputable supplier that carries all of these brands, and many more.

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Most industrial-based companies strive to automate their systems so that they stay competitive in the current markets. Technology has advanced greatly compared to a few years back and basic operations are done with greater efficiency, throughput, and professionalism thanks to automation.

Smart businesses know the importance of automation systems. Automating an operational system can offer a wealth of advantages, some of which include:

  • Realizing greater efficiencies and productivity
  • Ensuring operations are more accurate and streamlined
  • Helping in reducing costs, such as production and labor costs

One company that seeks to help businesses with their automation needs is Walz Label & Mailing Systems. Based in Illinois, Walz offers a complete spectrum of automation solutions for a wide range of applications. walz label mailing systems

Comprehensive Automation Solutions from Walz

Walz is a company that has been in existence since 1966. It has provided different businesses with various automation solutions. The following are some of the automation systems that are available at Walz.

  • Checkweigher Systems
  • Automatic Box Openers
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Dimensioning Systems
  • Print & Apply Systems
  • Picking Systems
  • Shipping Systems
  • Sortation Systems
  • WCS Software
  • Cold Seal Packaging
  • Custom Robotics

The above fall under the automation division of Walz. The main focus however will be on the following automation systems that have been of high demand for process and manufacturing applications.

Dimensioning Systems

When it comes to cubing systems and dimensional weighing equipment, Walz has a range of solutions available for businesses. The company offers a wide range of dimensional weighing and cubing systems which are designed as standalone or as part of an integrated system for shipping, cubing a trailer and receiving. Some of the conveyor-based cubing systems available are:

  • 3000 Low Cost Dimensioner
  • 4000 Carton Dimensioning
  • Checkweigh Cubers
  • UPS/FedEx/DHL Cubing

Sortation Systems

The sortation systems provide high performance solutions to distribution centers by implementing Sortation as part of the material handling system. The sortation systems from Walz automation solutions range from high speed systems to low speed systems, including:

  • High speed sorting systems
  • Medium rate sorting machines
  • Low rate sorting machines
  • Parcel/carrier sorting system
  • Small item sorting system

The following are examples of conveyor sortation systems available at Walz.

  • Continuous motion sortation systems
  • Consolidated sorting machines
  • Cross belt sorting machines
  • Continuous sortation systems
  • Fixed line sortation systems
  • Horizontal belt sortation systems
  • Parcel sortation systems


When it comes to weighing, Walz has several systems for this job. Some of the systems include:

  • Standard Inline Checkweigher such as CASI 851, CASI 861, CASI 921, CASI 951, CASI 961 and CASI 971
  • Washdown, Food Grade, Harsh Environment and Stainless
  • Checkweigh System Accessories such as Brake meter/gapper, conveyor scanners and Carton Dimensioner/Cuber

checkweigher cubing systems


Some of the various types of conveyors available from Walz include:

  • Standard Conveyors
  • Custom Conveyor System Design
  • Roller Conveyors
  • Industrial Conveyors

Custom Robotics

Custom robotics help in eliminating weeks if not months of integrated schedules. Some of them include:

  • Automatic box openers
  • Cross robotics case erectors
  • Palletizing systems
  • Palletizing systems
  • Pick and place systems

Apart from these automation systems, there are others which were mentioned before by Walz. There are picking systems which help in making picking work easier. These automation systems and technology perform the basic pick and pack jobs while there are some systems that are more advanced and can be considered as state of the art automated picking systems. Printing systems which are used for labeling purposes are also available, so are shipping systems, cold seal packaging and automatic box centers which aid in opening or closing boxes with great speeds.

No company can ignore automation. Ignoring it will obviously cost a business in one way or the other. The above mentioned systems all provide a business with an easy way of doing things and thus it is advisable that business invest in automation systems in order to achieve and enjoy a competitive advantage over their competitors.

For more information about Walz’ automation solutions, visit:

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln,
East Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: 877.971.1500

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Today’s roster of successful independent film production companies continue to amaze the arts and entertainment world with compelling indie films and creative productions despite having minimal resources (particularly compared to major motion film producers.)

To profile some of the best in the business, here are five of the top independent film production companies that have recently created award-winning productions in recent years.independent film production companies

8180 Films

The Michigan-based independent film production company, 8180 Films, has defied all obstacles to produce four independent feature films since 2008. These films have earned several awards in popular film festivals including Mumbai International Film Festival, New York City’s VisionFest and the Oaxaca Film Festival. The writer/director of 8180 Films, Mr. Larry Brand won the award for Best Screenplay at the 2013 Napa Valley Film Festival. The latest film by 8180 Films, Beyond Glory, has already hit headlines and will be released soon. This new film features the highly talented actor, Stephen Lang, as the main protagonist.

Gilbert Films

The Gilbert Films independent film production company is based in Los Angeles, CA and is one of the few indie producers to attract top-level stars such as Owen Wilson in their productions. Some notable productions by Gilbert Films include Save The Date and Are You Here that were released on theaters and VOD in the year 2012 and 2014 respectively. Gilbert Films’ The Kids Are All Right won the Golden Globes for Best Picture and Best Actress (Comedy or Musical). The Kids Are All Right was also nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture upon its release.

Heretic Films

This Utah-based independent film company is full of action with a lot of projects in development and release. Some featured movies and documentaries by Heretic Films include Big Significant Things, Copenhagen, Waiting for Helen and Tanzania: A Journey Within. Copenhagen won Directors Choice Award and Jury Prize, Best Narrative Film Mark Raso (Director) upon its release. There are several films by this independent production company that are yet to be released but are worth checking out.

Annapurna Pictures

When Megan Ellison, the daughter of a billionaire, founded Annapurna Pictures in 2011, she had no idea how influential the independent film production company will become over the years. This Los Angeles-based company has released popular films such as American Hustle, Her, Foxcatcher and The Grandmaster. These films have won Annapurna Pictures some top awards and nomination. American Hustle had a combine fifteen Academy Award nominations upon its release by Annapurna pictures. The film won three Golden Globe Awards including Best Picture.

Sundial Pictures

Lastly on our list of top independent film production companies is Sundial Pictures based in New York City. Sundial Pictures produced famous films such as Obvious Child, Big Men and Liars All. This independent film production and distribution company was founded by Stefan Nowicki and Joey Carey in 2008. The two have gone on to win several awards after successful nomination in film festivals. Sundial Pictures production film, Obvious Child, was nominated at least three awards upon its release. This was a big achievement for the small independent film company that provides resources and supervision to upcoming actors.

Hopefully this list of top independent film production films will help you get the best in the industry. Other top companies include Coffee Films, EFO Films and Alcon Entertainment.

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Bank vaults, often referred to as strong-rooms, are modern storage facilities for valuables, records, money, and even vital documents. A securely fashioned door with a complex lock mechanism and armored walls make today’s bank vaults an integral component for protection over valuable and sensitive assets. And these the most fundamental qualities that makes bank vault security systems unique from bank safes.

Each closing decade has overseen pragmatism in the need for espousal of watertight securing of such valuables against catastrophes both of human and natural design and make (atomic bomb, earthquakes etc.). In the security world it has always been termed as a type of arm race against bank robbers. Each side desires to stay vault security system

The question still remains, is total security conceivable within our banks? While the debate will go on into the future, it is a huge achievement, as according to a report by the Global Finance Magazine in 2014, Europe has been labeled as the home to the world’s safest banks.

These banks include: KFW in Germany, Zurcher Kantonalbank in Switzerland, and L-Bank in Germany. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Fort Knox (The U.S. Bullion Depository) have been celebrated as among the leading bank vaults in terms of security system technology. For further digestion of what essentially it involves to make bank vault security systems accurately branded impenetrable, we look at the assorted security features of Fort Knox.

Defining the “Impenetrable” Bank Vault

Fort Knox, the home of the U.S. Bullion Depository, houses the largest ounces of gold approximated at over 147.3 million with their total worth estimated at over $270 billion. First, its walls are 4-foot-thick granite believed to be lined with cement, fireproof material and steel.

Secondly, it has tinted windows sealed from the inside out that is fire-proof, bullet-proof and blackened to impede on discernibility. Thirdly, it has a solid foundation composed of cement with 10 feet of solid granite on top. The granite principally deters any form of infiltration while the granite is used to backing the weight of the vaults structures.

At every corner of the depository is what is termed as multiple big brothers. It refers to a system of surveillance, which allows highly-advanced bank surveillance systems to oversee every square inch of the Depository. There is presence of barrier within a barrier in the vaults composition. These barriers, more than three in number have been built for specific purposes such as for patrolling guards. There are also more than four fortified sentinel stations located on the ground level with Thompson submachine guns.

Lastly, a military backup exists. It is guarded by the specially trained U.S Mint Police and several other regiments. Last but not the least; the Fort Knox depository is positioned in an area where it is far enough inland to circumvent a sea assault and the Appalachian Mountains shields it from the East. There also use of biometric IDs, use of vibration sensors and help from satellite for imaging of potential burglars. It is imperative to note that, what makes bank vaults even more secure is their secrecy in defense.

The Design of Modern Bank Vaults

Modern bank vaults are usually designed as custom orders, and are the first component if a bank is to be built. A design is usually made after incorporation of the desired shape, vault size and location of the door, coupled with other factors. This is usually done through consultation between vault manufacturer and a customer. The main raw materials are concrete, steel rods for reinforcement and proprietary additives, for the concrete to be stronger. With every century, these features kept on being improved.

In the 21st century, the “thermic torch” or “burning bar” has been acknowledged as the biggest threat to bank vault security systems. It burns liquid oxygen ignited by an oxyacetylene torch that has been noted to be much hotter than acetylene torch. A series of small holes can be me made from its burning that can form a gap, thus combating this burning bar has been main cause of worry for industry players. The level of security in due course should be progressive, to be able to stay ahead of bank criminals. It is encouraged that for that to happen, law enforcement and the banking industry must work closely together to mitigate these risks.

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Cycling jerseys are not just for functionality, but they are also form of fashion and style for some cyclists. Currently one of the most popular trends in the cycling community is vintage and classic cycling jerseys. These unique and retro styles come in a wide range of prints, ranging from classic cultural icons to historic cycling races that defined the sport.

If shopping for classic cycling jerseys strikes your fancy, then scope out some of the following reputable online suppliers below.

Retro Image Apparel Two

Retro Two is a popular online store for premium moisture-wicking, custom-designed cycling jerseys and performance apparel. The company offers an incredible selection of vintage, unique, and casual cycling clothing for both women and men. Among some of the most notable products that have defined Retro Two as a front-runner in classic cycling apparel are those that embody some cycling’s most prestigious races.1935 World Championship Cycling Jersey

1935 World Championship Cycling Jersey

The 1935 World Championship cycling jersey is öne classic cycling jersey that’s at top of the list from this company. This jersey was designed on the basis of big event in Belgium as a part of global exposition.

1935 World Championship cycling jersey is tailored using mesh fabric, which offered maximum comfort, better breathability and maximum 4-way stretch. Quick dry technology was used in this jersey for moisture wicking. Besides, this classic casual cycling jersey has air pass pro and is fitted with a band that keeps its rear part in position. Bright colors make this jersey look bright even after washing.

1952 Cataluna Cycling Jersey

Next on he list from Retro Two’s collection of classic cycling jerseys is the 1952 Cataluna cycling jersey. This is one of the most highly-sought classic-meets-casual cycling jerseys. This classic designed, vintage jersey has some most exciting and incredible features.1952 Cataluna Classic Cycling Jersey

Retro Two uses ultra-soft fabric material for providing maximum comfort and air circulation. Thus, this is considered as one of the most outstanding classic cycling jerseys from Retro Two that does not sacrifice performance. The color of 1952 Cataluna cycling jersey is bright and it appears shiny even after the wash. It has silicone gripper bands, which is helpful for keeping the rear part in position while riding. Additionally, the jersey has three pockets that can be used for keeping various items while cycling.


Rapha, launched in 2004, creates the finest cycling clothing and accessories for cycling enthusiasts in the world. Rapha products are designed without compromising the most discerning riders. The company uses the finest fabrics and components to manufacture head-turning cycling jerseys and accessories, which offer unrivalled levels of comfort, performance and style to the road riders.classic cycling jerseys rapha

Rapha introduced a month-long exhibition in July 2004 at London’s Old Truman Brewery. The exhibition showcased 6 heroes from the cycling’s golden era and beyond. Even today, they remain as the real heroes and prove a source of inspiration. Thus, Rapha is not just a product manufacturing company, besides, it is the online emporium of performance road-wear, publications and accessories.

Vintage Velos

Vintage Velos started its historic activities in 1997. During this year, the company was doing vintage Italian racing cycles’ photo archive. But by 2000, the company activities has changed and it branched its business.classic cycling jerseys vintage velos

As a result, Vintage Velos became very popular and and leading retailer and started selling Merino wool clothing brands like Molteni, Woolistic, and Unis Sport, accessories and vintage racing items. Cycling is becoming a mainstream in fashion. So, the company produces great products and planning to introduce many in future.

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