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Whether you operate a small-to-medium sized business with modest mailing operations or a corporate mailroom with high-volume outbound mail, choosing a dependable and functional address printer is important if you want to bring the most to your mailroom efficiency. While there are a number of manufacturers that produce address printers and mailing machines, only some offer highly advanced equipment to best suit your needs.

address printer brands

Thee following address printer manufacturers provide you with the premium quality mailing and postage machines you can trust for all your envelope printing needs. Whether you need a simple address printer solution or a complete postage meter mailing machine, below are three brands you can depend on for great products and reliable performance.


Secap is the home of many mailing equipment and software offering you what you need for all your mailing needs. What you can get from Secap has products ranging from address printers for use with desktops to mailing software to folder inserters and much more. Their inkjet addressing system is particularly effective in printing logos, barcodes, graphics, addresses and so much more.

address printer secap

No matter how much mailing you need to do you will find an envelope addressing printer for you at Secap. The DA95F and the SA5300 are ideal for those who have high volumes of addresses thanks to the fast production speed they have. On the other hand, the DA50S and DA70S are ideal for the occasional mailers while the DA80F is the best option for a business with moderate mailing volume.

Neopost USA

Since 1924, Neopost USA has been in the mailing hardware and software manufacturing business. All the products you need for your mailing and digital communications needs are available in the large inventory Neopost has.

Mailing machines from Neopost USA include postage meters, folder inserters, address printers/addressing systems, digital printers, letter openers, shredders, tabbing systems and related supplies all sold at affordable prices. No matter what volume of mailing it is you handle there are several equipments to choose from. Examples include the AS-510C and AS-960 addressing systems for low and heavy volume mailing respectively.


Accufast is a manufacturer with a difference and aims at providing features that are useful to the mailer in all their equipment. Some of the features you can expect to find in address printers from Accufast include Ethernet connectivity, advanced GUI software and top quality printing. The address printer options are quite diverse to cater for people with different mailing needs. Among the commonest brands of address printers they make include CKx, PMx and P8.

address printer accufast


Rena is an address printer manufacturer that offers professional mailers a unique solution. This comes in what is known as the M system printing system that combines a one-of-a-kind color management software with a MACH 5 digital color printer. This combination promises effective printing and ease of use by users.

As for quality, you can trust Rena address printers as all products are manufactured in the U.S and support is impeccable. The speeds of the printers varies allowing one the liberty to choose one that suits their business the most. Among the brands manufactured by Rena are the Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus and the Mach 5 Digital Color Printer.

Walco Systems

Having been in the pint equipment manufacturing business since 1991, Walco Systems understand what it takes to make the best address printers, mailing machines and postage meter systems. They not only engineer and manufacture quality equipment but also offer clients the option of having custom equipment designed just for them.

address printer mailing machines

This is the best way to actually meet the client’s’ needs. To cater for those who do not make custom orders, the dimensions of the transport bases, inkjet systems and dryer bases are diverse so as to handle any changes in the mailing needs of a business.

These manufacturers produce some of the top address printers and related postage mailing machines on the market today. While there are several other brands that offer comparable features, these address printing systems are highly reliable and dependable for many years of use.

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