Tuesday 27th January 2015

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Taking command of your supply chain management is one of the most important aspects of a thriving retail business. Unfortunately, not all companies have the in-house manpower and resources to keep their supply chain in optimization condition.

This is where companies like United Facilities, Inc. come in to play. Such third-party logistics companies provide transportation, warehousing, and distribution solutions for all types of businesses needing supply chain solutions.

California Logistics

United Facilities has distribution warehouses in 11 cities throughout the U.S., with one of their largest spreads located in the state of California. Here, United Facilities has a total of five California logistics distribution warehouses in: Fontana, Stockton East, Stockton West, Tracy, and Mira Loma.

Complete Supply Chain Solutions

United Facilities offers a full spectrum of warehousing, distribution, and supply chain solutions. Starting from packaging to delivery of your supplies, the third-party logistics provider helps to ensure that their clients never have to mention ‘out of stock’ to potential customers.

The scope of services that United Facilities offers completely covers all the logistics needs of each client. This is so that all clients have to do is be at the receiving end of each order. Some of the services offered by United Facilities include but are not limited to the following:

Online Inventory Tracking – allowing you to access exactly what items are on stock, nearing empty, and needs to be reordered.

Food/Temperature Storage – it does not matter whether your product is food or medicine, United Facilities have the equipment needed to make sure that your supplies stay fresh and viable for use.

Quality Control Inspectors – to make sure that you never fail with your clients, United Facilities employs quality control inspectors who check each delivery before sending them out to clients. They are also capable of handling FDA Approval needs.

Packaging and Special Labeling – branding is one of the most important aspects of making your product pop, and United Facilities have the means to do this. Just tell the company the kind of packaging/labeling required and they’ll be able to perform to expectations.

RF and Barcoding – for consistent and correct inventory and sales tracking, the company can also give barcoding technology to every single product that moves out of their warehouse.

Other services are: EDI Transaction Sites, Recouping, Purchasing, Customer Service Administration, AIB Certification, Rail Service, Foreign Trade Zone, Performance Measurement, Cross Docking, and Equipment.

Why Choose United Facilities Third Party Logistics?

Any company can choose from a number of warehousing and distribution solution providers. So why recruit the services of United Facilities? Here are some reasons why outsourcing your supply chain management may be the best thing for the company:  warehousing logistics management

They Can do It Better – when it comes right down to it, third party providers have the better means to handle logistics. Remember, this is their bread and butter so their focus on the project would be more intense. Updated on all the laws and new technology related to the industry, United Facilities can reinvent your supply chain for the better without altering the core operations of your company.

They Have the Experience – with decades in the logistics business, there’s no question that United Facilities has kept up with the times, affording technological advancements for the express purpose of supply chain management.

They’re More Affordable – of course, don’t forget that in the long run – using United Facilities third party logistics is inherently cheaper. All you have to do is issue a check at the end of the day instead of worrying about the operations of your warehouse. With a third party taking care of the background operations, you can focus on marketing and meeting the target sales.

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