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Innovative online company known as The Neon South is a role model of success among ecommerce businesses. The Neon South has successfully found and tapped into a select niche market by connecting with contemporary youth culture.

Neon South Tank Tops

The company, which was founded by two former fraternity brothers, takes custom tank top market by storm with their creative and unique designs and do-it-yourself approach that caters to the younger demographic. Their primarily customer audience is formed by vacation groups, festival goers, and college students, to name a few. The thriving online business developed an inspired ecommerce model by offering custom tank tops and serving them up in a stylish, colorful way.

The King of Neon Custom Tank Tops

Neon Tank TopsOver the last few years The Neon South has become a popular online brand, mostly due to its original approach in carving their niche in stylish apparel and especially in custom printed neon tank tops geared to particular youth audiences. They have become so successful because of their focus on its finely tuned marked and commitment to provide best quality custom neon tank tops.

Customers of The Neon South can design and tailor their own custom tank tops and the company will print the concept on a final product on a wide range of options. In addition to general tank tops and neon tank tops from some of the leading clothing brands like American Apparel, The Neon South also offers custom hats, sunglasses, fanny packs, t-shirts and more. The main focus of the company is on customization and individuality, and they thrive in doing so.

Express Your Individuality with The Neon South

Rather than making regular products, The Neon South company creates items that express individuality. Their audience of potential clients is especially formed from groups interested to create unique and customizable tank tops and outfits. Neon South stands out by using bright neon colors on their clothing items and custom printed neon tank tops. These unique colors create exciting accents that meet the need of today young generation to emphasis the originality and individuality.

For instance, scope out The Neon South in action at a music festival.

Many college groups like fraternities and sororities that are particularly interested in experiences at Spring Break events and Greek member events are benefiting from the custom neon tank tops printed by The Neon South company. Customers who want to print their own custom designs can express their limitless creativity by taking advantage of the integrated Design Studio on the company website. There users can select from a wide range of logos and design styles that can serve as inspiration and foundation of their finished product.

Making Custom Tank Tops Easy to Design

Design Custom Tank TopsThe Design Studio allows customers to integrate their own pre made designs. The specialized design software provides many useful features such as a clip art collection, text editor, and a layer manager. The clip art collection contains a wide range of themes, including fishing and hunting images, religion, tattoos, comics, music, and western image collection.

The Neon South company was launched in Dallas, Texas, by two former fraternity brothers. The company has taken the custom tank top market by storm by defining their own niche in the fashion industry. They have their own factory for printing apparel and tank tops, employing four automatic presses and one manual press. The factory can print daily up to five thousand t-shirts. Their factory is able to printing up to five thousand shirts or tank tops daily. The custom apparel segment has begun to turn to an online business model and a new digital market.

The Neon South company features their ecommerce website and also maintains an active presence on several social media platforms including Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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