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In many industries, efficiency and throughput of weighing loads are vital benchmarks for success. Using out-dated truck scales and weighing systems can create a number of challenges in performance, safety, and compliance with local regulations.

On-board truck scales can ease the burden of this element of your operation by measuring the vehicle gross weight or payload weight when access to platform scales aren’t available or practical for the job.on-board semi truck scales

Advantages of On-board Weighing Systems

The practical applications of this technology offers benefits to multiple sectors of the logistics transport industry. On-board tractor trailer truck scales used on semi-trucks create efficiencies by allowing the truck to haul the maximum weights by measuring the payload at the loading point.

By eliminating the need to seek out a scale prior to transport, this saves time and money. This functionality also serves to increase safety, eliminate overweight fines, and reduce maintenance costs on your fleet when trucks and trailers are hauling at the weight they were designed to handle.

On-board Lift Truck Scales

The on-board lift truck scale is a great resource in warehousing, logistics, and supply chain management. Operations that use lift trucks or forklifts to convey loads from the warehouse to the loading dock can take advantage of the seamless communications between the scales and head office to document logistics, record weights and readily inventory the volume of freight being shipped and what remains in stock.on-board lift truck scales

On-board scales optimize warehouse and logistics weighing operations in more ways than one. In addition to offering a seamless weighing solution for lift-trucks, these systems also serve to ensure that the forklift is operating within the scope of its weight limit also increases safety to the operator and reduces the risk of incident when trying to manage loads that exceed capacity.

On-board Scales for Public Works

On-board scales also have a practical application for public works departments in the areas of waste management, haul trucks, and cement trucks. Through the use of on-board truck scales, operators and administration can verify that the trucks are operating to capacity – which represents the most efficient use of tax payer dollars, while not exceeding identified weight limits which poses a potential hazard to public safety and a liability to the jurisdiction.

On-board Scales Mining Trucks & Equipment

Mining and construction industries also serve to benefit from the use of on-board scales for mining trucks and a variety of other heavy duty equipment which is often tasked to work in some unfavorable climates and conditions. By ensuring the proper load capacities for underground trucks, material handling equipment and articulated trucks, operators can best ensure safety by not pushing the performance of their vehicles past capacity and incur unnecessary maintenance costs for the company.

on-board mining truck scales

On-board scales aren’t just available for trucks and larger wheeled transportation. On-board weighing scales are also available and practical in commercial and industrial settings where they may commonly be used for monitoring function on conveyor belts, mobile crushers or cold planers. An added benefit of these types of devices is their ease of installation which can take place on site or in the field.

When safety, efficiency and accountability are all a part of your operating mandate, the inclusion of on-board truck scales in your business will become some of your most valuable tools at your disposal.

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