Junk Command is a Minneapolis based company that specializes in both residential and commercial trash removal services. The company is well-known as one of the most trusted brands for getting rid of unwanted junk and belongings in the area.

junk command minneapolis

At some of the most affordable trash  removal rates in Minneapolis, Junk Command can remove unwanted furniture, appliances, computers and trash from your premises in an efficient manner. The best part about using Junk Command’s trash removal Minneapolis services is that all dump and labor fees are already included in the pricing. It typically takes the team only two hours to reach your location upon contacting them.

The Junk Command team will call you thirty minutes before they arrive so that you can be notified. They are a team of professionals who will ensure that the process goes smoothly and conveniently without any hassle. Upon reviwing the amount of junk you want to have taken off your property, you will be given an estimated amount so that you can be informed beforehand. Once you have agreed with the amount, the junk removal process will begin and you will be given a final receipt after everything has been completed.

junk command removal

Advocates of Eco-friendly Junk Removal

Eco-friendly junk removal is Junk Command’s top priority. They are dedicated on recycling junk items using an environmentally friendly manner. The company is fully committed in ensuring that they are being good members of the planet and the community. Junk Command is the leading provider of junk removal services that are completely eco-friendly in the Minneapolis area.

They cater to various types of junk removal services such as carpet and furniture removal, estate sales, garage sales, yard waste, remodeling projects, corporate moving services, printer cycling and more. The reason why it’s important to make use of eco-friendly junk removal business practices is because it doesn’t cause any damage to the environment.

Environmentally-friendly Business Practices

When trash and old junk isn’t disposed in the proper manner, it can cause detrimental effects to the environment which affects everyone in the community. Junk Command helps save the environment by decreasing the amount of harmful fumes and liquids that could contaminate the air, water and soil.

Everything is interconnected so when there is clean air, water and soil, members of the community would be less likely to develop major health problems. Not only is it an pleasant sight to have junk scattered all over your property, but it can detrimental to your health. Allowing trash and unused possessions to pile up in your home can cause bacteria buildup which may negatively affect you and your family’s health.

environmentally friendly junk removal

When trash is properly sorted and the junk is recycled in an eco-friendly manner, it helps save the planet by encouraging greater sustainability practices. Environmentally friendly practices center on things like recycling, reuse allocation, green energies and green technologies. And conscious trash removal is just one of them. While there are plenty of other benefits of using eco-friendly junk removal using recycle-first practices, leaving the planet a better place for future generations to come.

Junk Command is leading the eco-friendly junk removal movement in the Minneapolis area and they are using only recycle-first business practices to ensure everyone’s welfare. Learn more about the company’s eco-friendly junk removal services by visiting the website.

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Having your business established on the web can offer many opportunities to grow your customer base. But beyond simply having a web presence, being found among the competition is critical.

SEO is one such avenue that can dramatically help improve the visibility of your business online. By capturing top rankings in Google search, qualified customers are more to visit your company’s website and engage with you business. For this reason, many types of organization are investing in the services of SEO companies to help grow their business.

Google Local SEO Marketing

But with so many SEO providers on the scene, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find good SEO companies that can truly deliver. In highlighting some of advantages and benefits of quality SEO services, below we delve into some the primary ways to pinpoint a good SEO company.

Good SEO Offers Incredible ROI

Quality SEO offers a wealth benefits for businesses investing in their marketing efforts. For instance, the ROI of reaching and engaging with a target search market that’s actively seeking what your company has to offer is second to none compared to other marketing endeavors.

Look at this way: search engines enable individuals to find solutions for a specific products and services they needs. If your business has the top search placement, search engine users are far more likely to visit your website and engage with your business. This level of exposure often makes the ROI for SEO services well worth the investment. This is particularly the case with local Google Maps marketing and specialized local SEO programs.

Growth Beyond Higher Rankings

Some of the most proficient and well-known SEO companies, like Captivate Local, are adept in many facets of web marketing. Among those facets where SEO is a contributing factor are: online reputation management and social media marketing.

High ROI Local SEO Services

With online reviews a vital source of information (especially for prospects and potential customers looking to do business with a particular company,) managing a company’s online reputation is key. Whether a business is challenged by malicious reviews on its Google My Business page, or has undesirable content ranking for brand keywords associated with the company, SEO can serve as an effective solution to mitigate such issues.

Further, SEO and social media marketing are sharing many overlaps in the digital marketing realm. For instance, social signals (such as Google +1’s, Tweets on Twitter, Likes on Facebook, etc.) often correlate to web pages and content that ranks higher in the search results. While Google has not explicitly mentioned any relation to social signals in its search engine algorithm, there’s reason to believe that favorable content in social media can rank better for SEO.

There are a lot of reasons why this might be the case. One of the most attributed reasons is that popular content gets linked to more often (and inbound link popularity influences SEO and higher rankings). But all this stems from producing great content that resonates with target audiences. And that’s what good SEO companies can offers.

If you’re business is looking to work with a good SEO company that can deliver, then be sure to research SEO providers who are adept in areas of content strategy, social media marketing, and reputation management. These are some of the defining qualities, in addition to providing ROI-driven SEO services, that are true tells of competent and professional SEO agency.

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Many business owners are opting for link building service to enhance their website’s search engine visibility. Whatever is the size of your website, there are different link building packages offered by certain SEO companies, and many of which offer a wide spectrum of link building solutions and best practices.seo link building


Realizing improvements in search engine ranking is best made possible with relevant one-way or inbound links to your website. With more of these links generated toward your business website, the higher authority and credibility your website can earn (assuming the links are of good, relevant quality.) Many businessmen find one major impediment in this strategy is that it is quite time-consuming. As a result, most of them are hiring services of SEO companies s to be able to achieve a good deal of links that lead to their site.

Whether you’re outsourcing your link building efforts or doing it in-house, here are three critical tips help your SEO thrive in 2016.

Understanding the Nature of SEO Link Building Services

Many reliable SEO companies offer various link building services, like social bookmarking, directory submissions, contextual and homepage linking, and article submissions. The cost of every package depends on the number of directory submissions, the number of articles and directories submitted, the number of permanent one-way contextual links, and number of homepage links.creative link building

If you wish to enhance your website’s search engine ranking, then ensure you use links of high quality. One high-quality link on your website could normally have the influence of over 100 quality backlinks. There are some reasons why you should select link building services to generate traffic on the site. Search engines love unique content. Once you get links to your quality articles, it automatically gets submitted in different article directories for backlinks.

Earning & Building Authority Links Over Links in Volume

build links for seoEthical SEO providers offer complete service on the website authority that denotes what Google, Yahoo, and Bing have to access. Having quality links will concentrate on acquiring links from this search engines. Only important connections from set up sites that take part in moral third party referencing practices will assist your site accomplish rankings with significant internet searchers and drive focused on movement to your webpage.

External link building is a key part of any effective Internet marketing and SEO methodology. You ought to have important, true data that is elegantly composed, the heads of different sites will need to interface your site since it offers their pursuers something of esteem and interest. There are no shortcut methods in a link building, and hence it is recommended to hire services of proficient SEO professionals. The experts working on link building service are known for their acumen abilities who know the latest tool and techniques effectively.

Balancing Anchor Text Distribution

Link building for SEO using anchor text is an important factor when using links to build your SEO and climb in the Google rankings. What is anchor text? Well, in basic terms anchor text is the words that you use in the hyperlink to link from one web page to another web page or website. If you are linking from one web page to another on your site, or if another website is linking to your website, it makes sense to use your keywords as the anchor text of those links once. Why is that?

Well, as you probably already know, Google works on relevancy and, if you are using your keywords in the anchor text of your links, it obviously makes your link far more relevant to Google. If your chosen search term is used in the link and, therefore, will make your web page far more relevant in the eyes of Google and its spiders.

You will realize a lot of benefits by employing these services. The relevant traffic is promoted through link building service. It is true that advertising is very expensive; however, by using the link building service, you can generate great traffic to the site that you own and enhance the visibility of your business without having to invest a lot of money. Being a businessperson, you should understand the importance of SEO and hire best professionals so that you can achieve your desired success. A quick search on the Internet will help you locate the best SEO company that offers excellent link building services.

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In today’s world where businesses are connected and the commerce is borderless, Pitney Bowes delivers innovations that help entrepreneurs navigate this complexity more effectively. The company helps businesses turn complexities to opportunities and data to intelligence by allowing them use data to find the best customers and send parcels and packages more efficiently.pitney bowes addressing systems

With a team of over 16,000 dedicated professionals, Pitney Bowes delivers client-centric solutions to help both small and large businesses get the most of every interaction and transaction. The history of Pitney Bowes began in 1920 when Arthur Pitney and Walter Bowes joined forces to form the company, changing the way companies do business.

Intelligence-Driven Addressing & Mailing Systems

Today, the company helps businesses transform challenges to opportunities through five key areas that include customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement, global ecommerce and shipping and mailing. With the customer information management solutions such as data management and integration, customer analytics and data quality.

Pitney Bowes addressing systems and mailing solutions give businesses the right tools and quality data to forecast customer preferences enabling them to create new relationships. The new relationships allow businesses to deliver targeted and effective across the different channels.

addressing systems pitney bowes

With the location intelligence solutions such as GeoEnrichment and location analytics, Pitney Bowes empowers businesses with comprehensive and accurate geographical data to enable business make smarter decisions and create more compelling experiences. The customer engagement solutions provide businesses with an accurate view of their customers allowing them to deliver customized, relevant messages across both the digital and physical channels.

The global ecommerce solutions help businesses provide cross-border sales and customs processes more effectively using the technology and logistics that help improve the customer experience. Shipping and mailing solutions are the most popular Pitney Bowes products with the first automatic mail-sorting machine introduced in 1957.

A Closer Look at Pitney Bowes Addressing Systems

Pitney Bowes offers an extensive range of shipping and mailing solutions for small, medium and large businesses that are artistically designed to help streamline operations and manage costs in the mailing processes. From selection of the carrier to tracking, the solutions from Pitney Bowes help ensure efficiency and accuracy across the mailing process by offering access to multiple carriers and postage with built-in scales.

Pitney Bowes addressing systems and mailing solutions include office shipping and postage meters, online postage, inserting, multi-channel customer communications, mail and parcel sorting, and address management. Some of the popular address management solutions include: the ConnectRight mailer, DA70s AddressRight addressing system and Syntel automail.DA70s addressing system pitney bowes

The DA70s AddressRight Addressing System helps businesses create compelling envelopes using fast inkjet technology that allows mails to command the ideal attention. As the flagship address printer from Pitney Bowes, the DA70s AddressRight Addressing System gives businesses the capacity to print almost anywhere on the envelope without changing the setup of the printer. See more details about the DA70s addressing printer system.

The ConnectRight Mailer allows businesses address the accuracy and quality of their mails directly ensuring customer satisfaction. ConnectRight Mailer enables businesses to get their customer addresses right and avoid minor errors that damage the reputation of the business.

The SynTel AutoMail helps transform workflow into a smoother mailstream allowing effective flow of essential documents such as monthly statements in and out of the business. The SynTel AutoMail is an advanced solution that is customized to help meet the specific needs of various businesses for greater cost savings and improved efficiencies.

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Does your business work in high-volume industrial operations like packaging, logistics, warehousing, or grocery distribution? If so, then you may already be familiar with automatic box cutter machines.

These aren’t the only industries that use and benefit from automatic box cutter machines. No matter the industry or application, the functionality of automatic box cutters works the same to the benefit of those who use it. Let’s take a look.

IBOD Automatic Box Opener Machines-CASI

This is the IBOD Automatic Box Cutter from CASI


Looking at few benefits of using an automatic box cutter you can see the how the function is highly useful in a variety of high-volume industries. The design and placement in the workflow of a high-quality automatic box cutter not only increases the speed and accuracy of workflow it also reduces strain and chance of injury on the personnel. It does this by reducing direct contact by labor and reducing potential cuts from knives while speeding intake throughput. Insurance premiums also get lower because of the removal of knives from certain work areas.


You’ll find that the speed and accuracy of this type of product aid in several key areas. These include opening and processing returns, repacking mixed cases, opening ingredients in food manufacturing and more. Because the machines are programmable and completely safe to products there less product waste as well as saving more time on being careful with a box knife. The blades switch and paths are flexible and programmable for the cut so tops can be removed, boxes can be uniquely split and even cut along certain lines for unique products and contents.automatic box cutter machines

How It Works

On the rollers, the full-unopened boxes come down into the automatic box cutter machine housing. Inside the careful robotics identify and follow the cut path according to the computer. Once cut precisely based on the program and chosen blade head the box moves on to personnel ready to unload it. It couldn’t be more streamlined and consistent.


For high-speed industrial environments these types of machines provide an excellent pace setter for box throughput. Depending on the model and manufacturer one can expect hundreds of boxes to be opened per hour. The machinery is large and stands alone similar to an oversized elevator car. It’s a great self-contained way to keep the throughput at maximum efficiency.


Constructed with safety as the main selling point these types of machines have safety features you would expect. These include multiple emergency buttons to stop the machine, electronic door controls, limiting sensors and carton ejection. The safety factor is one focus of engineering that helps keep costs down and productivity up. In every industry focus on safety not only saves on labor it also saves on time.


There are several major manufacturers for automatic box cutter machine variety that focus on specifics to set themselves apart for maximum efficiency. One such manufacturer is CASI, which focuses on order fulfillment by means of automation that is intelligent. Their system is called IBOD that stands for intelligent box opening device. Another is StreamTech, which focuses on modular cost-effective solutions.

If you find yourself in distribution, electronic manufacturing, paints, and pigments or even third-party logistics using an automatic box cutter machine is sure to pay for itself given you have high enough industrial volume. They are designed and constructed for safety and performance. From modular to intelligent you will find a product that engages you and suits your needs. Take a look you have nothing to lose and only efficiency to gain.

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Today’s highly competitive Internet Marketing space requires every surgeon (and every business owner, for that matter) to carve a niche that can lead to successful outcomes. Businesses that perform well appear on the highest level of Google rankings, meaning that internet marketing for businesses is essential.

Optimized Surgeons centers their practice exclusively on surgeons, providing a premium SEO and Internet marketing service that delivers proven performance. This elite plastic surgeon SEO company specializes in various Internet marketing platforms  that covers every aspect of a surgeon’s web marketing needs.Internet Marketing Surgeons

Optimized Surgeons is committed to providing incredible SEO and Internet marketing for surgeons and other related medical professionals across the globe. Their entire model is ostensibly dedicated to medical practice SEO, and the firm supplies advanced resources that help clients improve their search keywords and visibility.

Services Offered by Optimized Surgeons

Optimized Surgeons seeks to provide their clients with comprehensive and highly specialized internet marketing services, which suit surgeons from across the globe. To accomplish this, they design their resources and knowledge bank to suffice the various surgical specialties that people seek.

The company provides incredible digital marketing solutions that allow surgeons to become the online authority for their specific surgical specialty. Optimized Surgeons have marketing solutions that are diverse and dynamic. Take advantage of this to create an entirely new niche full of accomplishments.

Internet Marketing for Surgeons

Optimized Surgeons helps actualize a successful SEO strategy, which is instrumental in driving qualified traffic to your website. The plastic surgeon SEO strategies behind Optimized Surgeons results in targeted patient leads. For this reason, their exemplary approach to search engine optimization does more than just rank websites.

Since SEO is the foundation to a well-optimized web presence, Optimized Surgeons’ search marketing strategy offers the greatest value to acquire more patients. Their organic SEO strategies yield profound and sustainable benefits, which ultimately leads to the following:

  • Improves your reputation, both at the local and national level
  • Boosts credibility in your practice
  • Generates quality traffic to your specific website
  • Improves your overall web presence across many trusted platforms and sites
  • Expands your specific brand
  • Defines you as a local authority in your particular practice

The Optimized Surgeons SEO Process

In an effort to provide specialized SEO services for surgeons, Optimized Surgeons has a powerful system designed and intended to help surgeons obtain in-market leads along with new patients. For instance, an integral component to the company’s surgeon SEO services is optimizing their clients’ web presence for the Google Local 3-Pack listings.

plastic surgeons seo google local 3 pack

In addition to the strategic application of SEO, both on-site as well as off-site SEO, they incorporate the use of various marketing strategies like social media and content marketing techniques. This absolutely helps surgeons connect with various individuals that require specific surgical specialties.


plastic surgeon seo companyplastic surgeon seo companyThe plastic surgeon SEO company’s website helps you learn more concerning their approach to SEO and related Internet marketing tips for surgeons. Additionally, the same website gives you the capacity to separate their unique capabilities from those of other firms that also focus on Internet Marketing.


In many instances, surgeons who rank high in Google and other search engines are regarded as the actual authority figures of their medical niche. Whether it is rhinoplasty or breast augmentation niche, the only feasible game-changer is to own top rankings for your specialty and location.

It goes without a doubt that the adeptness and efficacy of search marketing speak for itself. Keep in mind that Google searchers are constantly seeking for your services in your area. Therefore, to improve your visibility, it is about time you give Optimized Surgeons a chance to enhance your performance. SEO for surgeons generates quality leads to your site while bringing new patients to your practice. It is worth a try.

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Are you looking for the top-rated and leading manufacturers of envelope and address printer machines? Then you’ve come to the right place. In making the selection you must consider workflow, typical load capacity, what types of ink will you need and it goes from there. For the sake of space only a few key points on each printer are included in this review. You’ll also find the links to each manufacturer’s line-up of envelope and address printer machines where you can see everything about them.

Pitney Bowes pitney bowes

Pitney Bowes has several great systems for address and envelop printing. That’s what has landed it on this top-rated list. Let’s take a look at a few top models of Pitney Bowes envelope and address printer machines.

  • DA50s AddressRight® Addressing System – Ten thousand pieces of mail per hour max. It’s also able to print just about anywhere on the envelope for eye-catching teasers to get people to open them. Also saves you money by offering a print “Light Mode” which is saves ink in a way that maintains resolution.
  • DA70s AddressRight® Addressing System – Fourteen thousand pieces of mail per hour max. Designed for a wide selection of formats for mailing and materials to be printed on. Boasts sensors built-in which are there to keep every print job running smooth.
  • Print + Messenger™ Color Inkjet System – Promising to both increase your response and reduce your costs. Innovative work design allows you to keep quality in print while changing applications. Quick dry ink meets standards for USPS® Intelligent Mail®.

Renarena address printers

Rena features updates that keep it running large print runs from your desktop inkjet unit. Check this great cross section out of Rena address printers.

  • Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus – Prints up to thirty thousand postcards per hour. Handles material to 3/16 inch thick. Powerful clutch-control feeder that is integrated. USB 2.0 high speed port.
  • Envelope Imager 2.5 – Print up to thirty thousand postcards per hour. Features electronic thickness control of one fourth inch. Also has clutch-control feeder and USB 2.0 port integrated into unit.
  • Mach 5 Digital Color Printer – Print up to seven thousand five hundred envelopes per hour. That is with full bleed to edge capability. Also boasts automatic cleaning and capping station along with five – two hundred and fifty mL ink tanks for (CMYKK)

Secapsecap address envelope printer

Secap is always pressing forward to set new standards with maximum focus on productivity. Rounding out this list, take a look at some of the leading address printers from Secap to find out why.

  • DA95F Addressing Printer – Addresses a maximum of thirty-thousand pieces of substrate per hour. Offers feeder that is integrated right in holding a maximum of seven hundred and fifty number ten envelopes. Has both USB 2.0 port and Ethernet port.
  • DA80F Addressing Printer – Addresses a maximum of twenty-two thousand pieces per hour. Designed to handle a wide range of print media. Handles up to one thousand postcards or up to four hundred and fifty envelopes in hopper.
  • DA95F with Feedright Feeder – Addresses a maximum of thirty-thousand pieces of up to half inch thick media per hour. Eight quality options for cost and speed ranging from executive to light. Super control on registration for smaller printed mail.

There you have it. These aren’t all of the address printer products available from these companies (nor all the features,) but this is a great point to start your search for the perfect envelope and address printer. If you’d like to buy these address printer machines, we suggest WalzEQ.com, a reputable supplier that carries all of these brands, and many more.

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Most industrial-based companies strive to automate their systems so that they stay competitive in the current markets. Technology has advanced greatly compared to a few years back and basic operations are done with greater efficiency, throughput, and professionalism thanks to automation.

Smart businesses know the importance of automation systems. Automating an operational system can offer a wealth of advantages, some of which include:

  • Realizing greater efficiencies and productivity
  • Ensuring operations are more accurate and streamlined
  • Helping in reducing costs, such as production and labor costs

One company that seeks to help businesses with their automation needs is Walz Label & Mailing Systems. Based in Illinois, Walz offers a complete spectrum of automation solutions for a wide range of applications. walz label mailing systems

Comprehensive Automation Solutions from Walz

Walz is a company that has been in existence since 1966. It has provided different businesses with various automation solutions. The following are some of the automation systems that are available at Walz.

  • Checkweigher Systems
  • Automatic Box Openers
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Dimensioning Systems
  • Print & Apply Systems
  • Picking Systems
  • Shipping Systems
  • Sortation Systems
  • WCS Software
  • Cold Seal Packaging
  • Custom Robotics

The above fall under the automation division of Walz. The main focus however will be on the following automation systems that have been of high demand for process and manufacturing applications.

Dimensioning Systems

When it comes to cubing systems and dimensional weighing equipment, Walz has a range of solutions available for businesses. The company offers a wide range of dimensional weighing and cubing systems which are designed as standalone or as part of an integrated system for shipping, cubing a trailer and receiving. Some of the conveyor-based cubing systems available are:

  • 3000 Low Cost Dimensioner
  • 4000 Carton Dimensioning
  • Checkweigh Cubers
  • UPS/FedEx/DHL Cubing

Sortation Systems

The sortation systems provide high performance solutions to distribution centers by implementing Sortation as part of the material handling system. The sortation systems from Walz automation solutions range from high speed systems to low speed systems, including:

  • High speed sorting systems
  • Medium rate sorting machines
  • Low rate sorting machines
  • Parcel/carrier sorting system
  • Small item sorting system

The following are examples of conveyor sortation systems available at Walz.

  • Continuous motion sortation systems
  • Consolidated sorting machines
  • Cross belt sorting machines
  • Continuous sortation systems
  • Fixed line sortation systems
  • Horizontal belt sortation systems
  • Parcel sortation systems


When it comes to weighing, Walz has several systems for this job. Some of the systems include:

  • Standard Inline Checkweigher such as CASI 851, CASI 861, CASI 921, CASI 951, CASI 961 and CASI 971
  • Washdown, Food Grade, Harsh Environment and Stainless
  • Checkweigh System Accessories such as Brake meter/gapper, conveyor scanners and Carton Dimensioner/Cuber

checkweigher cubing systems


Some of the various types of conveyors available from Walz include:

  • Standard Conveyors
  • Custom Conveyor System Design
  • Roller Conveyors
  • Industrial Conveyors

Custom Robotics

Custom robotics help in eliminating weeks if not months of integrated schedules. Some of them include:

  • Automatic box openers
  • Cross robotics case erectors
  • Palletizing systems
  • Palletizing systems
  • Pick and place systems

Apart from these automation systems, there are others which were mentioned before by Walz. There are picking systems which help in making picking work easier. These automation systems and technology perform the basic pick and pack jobs while there are some systems that are more advanced and can be considered as state of the art automated picking systems. Printing systems which are used for labeling purposes are also available, so are shipping systems, cold seal packaging and automatic box centers which aid in opening or closing boxes with great speeds.

No company can ignore automation. Ignoring it will obviously cost a business in one way or the other. The above mentioned systems all provide a business with an easy way of doing things and thus it is advisable that business invest in automation systems in order to achieve and enjoy a competitive advantage over their competitors.

For more information about Walz’ automation solutions, visit:

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln,
East Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: 877.971.1500
Website: WalzEQ.com

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Also known as banding and bundling, strapping is the process in which a strap is applied to an item to hold, combine, fasten, or reinforce it. The strap itself implies to a flexible, flat material that is made from steel or a variety of plastics. The alternative name of the strapper is strapping.

Strapping machines are used in various industries to accomplish different purposes. Workers in general packaging industries, commercial printing, food, magazine publishing, and newspaper printing as well as postal fields would require different types of strapping. These machines offer a simple and secure packaging method that is required in shipping books, papers, and merchandise.pallet strapper machine

Types of Strapping Machines

There are different types of strapping machines that suit various applications. The choice of a strapper depends exclusively on the nature and volume of the items being strapped. Strapping tools range in complexity and purpose. So before you buy strapping machines for sale, consider some of the following:

Hand strapping tools

Usually, hand strapping tools can be battery or manually-operated. These are common for package and small parcel strapping in shipping centers.strapper

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

Semi-auto strapping machines come with manually fed strap, but still offer the high level of efficiency as automatic strapper machines.

Automatic Strapping Machines

These strappers encompass arches with varying sizes. They also include a power button or foot-switch that is pressed to apply straps at high speed. The best automatic strapping machines to look for include the StraPack RQ-8 for sale.

Fully-Automated Strapping Machines

These are tools used for integration into the conveyor system. They are packaged-actuated, and therefore no need for operator intervention.

Pallet Strapping Machines

Pallet strapping tools are used to apply horizontal or vertical straps to palletized products. Vertical machines typically comprise retractable sword units used for feeding the strap through the voids of the pallet. They are best for securing products to the pallet bases.

Applications of Strapping Machines

There are several uses of strapping including the following applications:automatic strapping machine

  • Used to attach items to crates, pallets, and skids
  • Used to bundle items together for ease of handling and shipment. Examples include pipe, newspapers, concrete block, lumber, etc.
  • Strapping is used to reinforce corrugated boxes, wooden boxes, and crates
  • Used to attach items to flatbed semi-trailers and flat cars
  • Used to secure the coils of paper or steel
  • Used in closing the corrugated boxes along with shipping containers
  • Can also be used to hold bales of textiles and agricultural products
  • Best for securing a packaged glass, unit load of bricks, metal parts, and more

Strapping is generally utilized in complete horizontal or vertical bands. Strappers include edge protectors that are useful in spreading the load at corners, consequently minimizing damage occasioned by the tensioned strap. It may likewise be applied in loops attached to holding sections on skids and rail cars.

Optimal Strapping Materials

Strapping material can be made of ultra-band steel replacement material along with metal, plastic and other materials. The materials used are selected depending on the kind of items that are to be packaged and shipped. The plastic straps, for instance, are typically made of polypropylene. Plastic straps are best for light to medium packages. Strappers come in different sizes, which often range from 3/16 to 3/4 of an inch.

Choosing a Strapping Machine

When shopping for the strapping equipment, be advised to opt for robust strapping machines that require low maintenance. When you buy strapping machines for sale, choose products that are flawlessly designed with high engineering standards. These are the tools that are not just built to last, but sufficient for high end packaging applications that require up-time performance coupled with operating efficiency.

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German Bliss Equipment began 74 years ago as a local equipment dealer in central Illinois. Today, German Bliss has grown to a leading online parts store for heavy equipment such as tractors, skid steers, mowers, and excavators, to name a few. Carrying a wide variety of parts, equipment, and attachments, German Bliss has become the go-to source for Bush Hog products, particularly Bush Hog replacement parts and machinery.Bush Hog

Shop Bush Hog Parts

If there’s one that that German Bliss is recognized for, it’s being the leading online supplier of Bush Hog parts. Spanning from various Bush Hog mower parts to hard-to-find and discontinued Bush Hog rotary cutter parts, German Bliss carries one of the widest selections of Bush Hog replacement parts on the web. You shop Bush Hog parts by visiting store.germanbliss.com/bush-hog-parts.

Bush Hog Aerators

Bush-Hog-AeratorsIf you need an aerator, you have a choice of two larger versions in the PA series of Bush Hog aerators. There is the PA8 1,950 pound model and the PA10 2,500 pound. The PA10 has a work width of 116 inches whereas the PA8 only covers an 86 inch path. Both have the same horsepower requirements of 40 to 90. Both also employ a 3 1/2 by 8 inch hydraulic cylinder and both boast up to 8 inches of ground penetration depending on soil conditions.

Featuring twisted tines, they both have superior breaking and lifting capabilities. If you require a lighter duty model, don’t worry, the Bush Hog equipment has you covered with the PG600 Plugger. They not only aerate, they have 3/4 inch spoons that dig down to the roots of grass, breaking it up.With a 60 inch path and only 350 pounds, it is just right for your smaller jobs

Bush Hog Backhoes

Bush Hog backhoes are available in a variety of colors and three different styles, although only two styles are featured on the website. The 75CBH model has a digging depth of 90 in and a reach of 117inches.


The sub frame is of a quick mount design for ease of attachment, and you will find under options, bucket sizes from 9” to 36” all of heavy duty construction suitable for both featured models. The 95CBH has by comparison, a 114 inch digging depth and a reach of 148 inches. Both have a 180 degree rotation on the bucket and the boom is of a curved design for clearer visibility.

Bush Hog Farm Equipment

An invaluable accessory to any farm is the 3PBS2 model bale attachment from Bush Hog. The main spear is 42 inches long and the secondary spears are welded in place for durability. This is capable of handling a bale up to 2000 pounds and fits a quick hitch as well as a standard hitch. It requires 25 to 45 horsepower for operations. The attachment itself weighs only 95 pounds.Bush-Hog-graders

Another must have farm accessory is the hydraulic post hole attachment from Bush Hog. Of the two featured models, the PHDHC35 has a 36 inch auger size and reaches a depth of 48 inches while the PHDHF15 has an 18 inch auger at a 48 inch depth.

German Bliss has an excellent selection of Bush Hog graders. Every farm or ranch will find multiple uses for these high quality grader attachments. From grading the driveways and field roads, to spreading soil, gravel or manure there is a grader blade for any project. Even in the off season, you will appreciate the grader blade for snow removal.

german-blissThese are just a few glimpses into the many choices that German Bliss has to offer. There are many choices to fit any budget with a selection of new and used parts along with items like ATV s and grain carts to excavators. When you are looking for superior Bush Hog parts, you found the place.

To see Bush Hog equipment visit the main German Bliss website at www.germanbliss.com. There you can more than just Bush Hog equipment, but also new and used products for many leading equipment manufacturers.

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