In today’s world where businesses are connected and the commerce is borderless, Pitney Bowes delivers innovations that help entrepreneurs navigate this complexity more effectively. The company helps businesses turn complexities to opportunities and data to intelligence by allowing them use data to find the best customers and send parcels and packages more efficiently.pitney bowes addressing systems

With a team of over 16,000 dedicated professionals, Pitney Bowes delivers client-centric solutions to help both small and large businesses get the most of every interaction and transaction. The history of Pitney Bowes began in 1920 when Arthur Pitney and Walter Bowes joined forces to form the company, changing the way companies do business.

Intelligence-Driven Addressing & Mailing Systems

Today, the company helps businesses transform challenges to opportunities through five key areas that include customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement, global ecommerce and shipping and mailing. With the customer information management solutions such as data management and integration, customer analytics and data quality.

Pitney Bowes addressing systems and mailing solutions give businesses the right tools and quality data to forecast customer preferences enabling them to create new relationships. The new relationships allow businesses to deliver targeted and effective across the different channels.

addressing systems pitney bowes

With the location intelligence solutions such as GeoEnrichment and location analytics, Pitney Bowes empowers businesses with comprehensive and accurate geographical data to enable business make smarter decisions and create more compelling experiences. The customer engagement solutions provide businesses with an accurate view of their customers allowing them to deliver customized, relevant messages across both the digital and physical channels.

The global ecommerce solutions help businesses provide cross-border sales and customs processes more effectively using the technology and logistics that help improve the customer experience. Shipping and mailing solutions are the most popular Pitney Bowes products with the first automatic mail-sorting machine introduced in 1957.

A Closer Look at Pitney Bowes Addressing Systems

Pitney Bowes offers an extensive range of shipping and mailing solutions for small, medium and large businesses that are artistically designed to help streamline operations and manage costs in the mailing processes. From selection of the carrier to tracking, the solutions from Pitney Bowes help ensure efficiency and accuracy across the mailing process by offering access to multiple carriers and postage with built-in scales.

Pitney Bowes addressing systems and mailing solutions include office shipping and postage meters, online postage, inserting, multi-channel customer communications, mail and parcel sorting, and address management. Some of the popular address management solutions include: the ConnectRight mailer, DA70s AddressRight addressing system and Syntel automail.DA70s addressing system pitney bowes

The DA70s AddressRight Addressing System helps businesses create compelling envelopes using fast inkjet technology that allows mails to command the ideal attention. As the flagship address printer from Pitney Bowes, the DA70s AddressRight Addressing System gives businesses the capacity to print almost anywhere on the envelope without changing the setup of the printer. See more details about the DA70s addressing printer system.

The ConnectRight Mailer allows businesses address the accuracy and quality of their mails directly ensuring customer satisfaction. ConnectRight Mailer enables businesses to get their customer addresses right and avoid minor errors that damage the reputation of the business.

The SynTel AutoMail helps transform workflow into a smoother mailstream allowing effective flow of essential documents such as monthly statements in and out of the business. The SynTel AutoMail is an advanced solution that is customized to help meet the specific needs of various businesses for greater cost savings and improved efficiencies.

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Facet Technologies, Inc. is a leading information technology (IT) and digital automation company that offers a wide range of services. Some of the most notable solutions offered by Facet Tech include: IT support, staffing, consulting; home automation; data recovery services; software and website development; and network security and support.

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As Facet Tech continues to evolve as one of Illinois’ top IT companies, the firm seems to introduce a new line of services every year. By recruiting the top talent in the area and evolving the core competencies of the company beyond just IT solutions, Facet Tech is multi-faceted organization that delivers value to its clients in more ways then one.

Business IT Support

Facet Tech is a reputable organization that understands the needs of all types of businesses since it has been in service for more than 25 years. As a result, it clearly understands the business IT support needs of small, medium and large businesses within central Illinois and Peoria.

Facet Tech is ready to help the business to overcome problems associated with technology. If the company or organization is facing technological challenges, then Facet Technology has skilled and experienced staff who can offer answers to your issues within a short period of time.

Facet Tech’s IT services cannot be matched by other business IT support and consulting organizations since the company combines creativity, expertise and versatility. This explains why the company is an authority throughout the Peoria and central Illinois.

Business & Home Automation

The need for business and home automation is in the rise all over the world. Facet is one of the respectable companies that provide home automation services, so as to enhance company’s technology with the most advanced functionality and entertainment.

In addition, Facet Tech can offer turn-key automation systems with a single touch complete control in order to give users satisfying and involving experience as well. It is worth noting that Facet Technologies offers a wide range of home automation designs and entertainment technology, including home audio system or even reliable security system for your home or office.

IT Consulting & Staffing

Almost every business depends on technology in one way or the other. A company that make use of current technology can be more productive. Additionally, an organization that has invested a lot in business IT consulting and support services enjoy client support and satisfaction that is necessary for any thriving business. It is also important to have accredited consultants who make sure that the organization’s IT systems are in agreement with the business plans and objectives.

IT consulting services can play an important role in promoting your business general business while enhancing profits at the end of the day. Facet guides businesses in implementing advanced IT consulting programs to ensure that small businesses are prepared for the changes in the future. Further, the company help with larger organization’s IT staffing needs and recruiting the right kind of talent to establish an IT workforce in-house.

Computer Repair Services

Facet Tech offers incredible computer repair and maintenance services for all kinds of businesses in Peoria and central Illinois. Here , the staff have perfected their skill in both consumer and product services to ensure that the clients are happy and contented. You do not have to worry about repair anymore since the Facet has all it takes to repair your computers as soon as possible.

The company has partnered with the most reputable firms in the world. Some of these firms include Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Apple, Intel, and Toshiba. For this reason, Facet can solve all computer issues effectively and thus saving you a large amount of time. Facet provides user friendly services, such as remote and on-site computer repair, virus removal services, and computer optimization for boosted performance.

For more information, contact the headquarters of Facet Tech in Pekin, Illinois at:

Facet Technologies, Inc.
2103 Court Street,
Pekin, IL 61554
Phone: 309-353-4727

Or check out Facet Tech on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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