On the pavement or blazing a trail, the thing that stands out most about a cyclist is the clothing. Unique yet professional-looking cycling jersey will set you apart from the pack. Whether you are a seasoned roadie or mounting your bike for the first time, wearing unique cycling clothing is both fun and easy. Just keep in mind that there is plenty of sportswear that could be accurately described as “hideous”. So much of it is terribly designed and drowning in distracting logos. Luckily, there are companies who have realized that style and practicality are not mutually exclusive. These unique cycling clothing brands are the best of the best.

unique cycling clothing bernard

Bernard’s Series 1227 Cycling Jersey


Bernard’s Series 1227 Cycling Jersey

Design geeks everywhere are in love with Bernard’s unique cycling kit. The colors, the typography – everything comes together perfectly, resulting in one of the most coveted jerseys in the cycling game. The limited edition gear which includes shorts, three jerseys, a wind vest, a cap and arm warmers flies off the shelves quickly. The cycling jersey has an athletic, racing style and is cut slightly shorter in front to actually compensate for a rider’s position on the bike. Good luck getting your hands on this kit.

Shop now at bernardridesagain.com

Retro2Ride’s 1965 Ciclo Cross Men’s Cycling Jersey

Retro2Ride.com is a company primarily focused on creating unique vintage cycling apparel. This particular short sleeve cycling jersey for men is an excellent chance to express your sympathy towards good, old times when Renato Longo won the World Championship back in 1965. The jersey is made of a ultra-soft euro-mesh material for maximum comfort.

unique cycling clothing retro

Retro2Ride’s 1965 Ciclo Cross Men’s Cycling Jersey

If you are a guy and you love cyclo-cross riding, then you may want to check out this unique cycling jersey. Among one of the most exclusive and unique cycling clothing items from Retro2Ride.com, it’s made of ultra-soft material and offers 30+ SPF UV protection. It features a vibrant design that will stay bright wash after wash.

Shop now at retro2ride.com

Merlin Wear Core Short Sleeved Cycling Jersey

Merlin’s Core short-sleeved jersey comes in at a measly $23,99. With that price tag in mind, if you are after a lightweight jersey without breaking the bank, this jersey is a top option. You can wear it during warm spring, summer and autumn rides as it’s very lightweight. It’s light enough that you’ll almost forget you are wearing it. Actually, this makes it great for warm-weather riding times.

unique cycling clothing merlin

Merlin Wear Core Short Sleeved Cycling Jersey

Shop now at merlincycles.com

Ventou’s Classic Cycling Jersey

Look good, feel good. That’s the motto of an Australian unique cycling clothing. Its name is derived from one of the most iconic places in the recent cycling history, the well-known mountain Mont Ventoux in France. This particular classic cycling jersey has been designed in Australia by an in-house product development team to handle harsh Australian weather conditions and maximize comfort.

unique cycling clothing ventou

Ventou’s Classic Cycling Jersey

The option of longer sleeves give greater sun protection. Its four-way stretch allows the classic cycling jersey to mold to any body shape. And if you sweat a lot, worry not! Moisture is sucked off the body by 3D fibers and transported to the outside of the garment. As the moisture evaporates, your body is dry and cool in hot, humid conditions.

Shop now at ventou.com.au

Volero Cycling’s Cruz Team Knicks

Volero is another Australian brand that makes cycling apparel. They use fine premium Italian fabric to create their products. As designers of the Volero range, creating cycling kits that are original and allow riders to express their own style is integral to their brand, as they claim. This particular kit is a bit on the expensive side, but it’s well worth it. It compliments all body shapes and has well-made sun protection.

unique cycling clothing volero

Volero Cycling’s Cruz Team Knicks

Shop now at volero.com.au.

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Cycling jerseys are not just for functionality, but they are also form of fashion and style for some cyclists. Currently one of the most popular trends in the cycling community is vintage and classic cycling jerseys. These unique and retro styles come in a wide range of prints, ranging from classic cultural icons to historic cycling races that defined the sport.

If shopping for classic cycling jerseys strikes your fancy, then scope out some of the following reputable online suppliers below.

Retro Image Apparel Two

Retro Two is a popular online store for premium moisture-wicking, custom-designed cycling jerseys and performance apparel. The company offers an incredible selection of vintage, unique, and casual cycling clothing for both women and men. Among some of the most notable products that have defined Retro Two as a front-runner in classic cycling apparel are those that embody some cycling’s most prestigious races.1935 World Championship Cycling Jersey

1935 World Championship Cycling Jersey

The 1935 World Championship cycling jersey is öne classic cycling jersey that’s at top of the list from this company. This jersey was designed on the basis of big event in Belgium as a part of global exposition.

1935 World Championship cycling jersey is tailored using mesh fabric, which offered maximum comfort, better breathability and maximum 4-way stretch. Quick dry technology was used in this jersey for moisture wicking. Besides, this classic casual cycling jersey has air pass pro and is fitted with a band that keeps its rear part in position. Bright colors make this jersey look bright even after washing.

1952 Cataluna Cycling Jersey

Next on he list from Retro Two’s collection of classic cycling jerseys is the 1952 Cataluna cycling jersey. This is one of the most highly-sought classic-meets-casual cycling jerseys. This classic designed, vintage jersey has some most exciting and incredible features.1952 Cataluna Classic Cycling Jersey

Retro Two uses ultra-soft fabric material for providing maximum comfort and air circulation. Thus, this is considered as one of the most outstanding classic cycling jerseys from Retro Two that does not sacrifice performance. The color of 1952 Cataluna cycling jersey is bright and it appears shiny even after the wash. It has silicone gripper bands, which is helpful for keeping the rear part in position while riding. Additionally, the jersey has three pockets that can be used for keeping various items while cycling.


Rapha, launched in 2004, creates the finest cycling clothing and accessories for cycling enthusiasts in the world. Rapha products are designed without compromising the most discerning riders. The company uses the finest fabrics and components to manufacture head-turning cycling jerseys and accessories, which offer unrivalled levels of comfort, performance and style to the road riders.classic cycling jerseys rapha

Rapha introduced a month-long exhibition in July 2004 at London’s Old Truman Brewery. The exhibition showcased 6 heroes from the cycling’s golden era and beyond. Even today, they remain as the real heroes and prove a source of inspiration. Thus, Rapha is not just a product manufacturing company, besides, it is the online emporium of performance road-wear, publications and accessories.

Vintage Velos

Vintage Velos started its historic activities in 1997. During this year, the company was doing vintage Italian racing cycles’ photo archive. But by 2000, the company activities has changed and it branched its business.classic cycling jerseys vintage velos

As a result, Vintage Velos became very popular and and leading retailer and started selling Merino wool clothing brands like Molteni, Woolistic, and Unis Sport, accessories and vintage racing items. Cycling is becoming a mainstream in fashion. So, the company produces great products and planning to introduce many in future.

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