In today’s world where businesses are connected and the commerce is borderless, Pitney Bowes delivers innovations that help entrepreneurs navigate this complexity more effectively. The company helps businesses turn complexities to opportunities and data to intelligence by allowing them use data to find the best customers and send parcels and packages more efficiently.pitney bowes addressing systems

With a team of over 16,000 dedicated professionals, Pitney Bowes delivers client-centric solutions to help both small and large businesses get the most of every interaction and transaction. The history of Pitney Bowes began in 1920 when Arthur Pitney and Walter Bowes joined forces to form the company, changing the way companies do business.

Intelligence-Driven Addressing & Mailing Systems

Today, the company helps businesses transform challenges to opportunities through five key areas that include customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement, global ecommerce and shipping and mailing. With the customer information management solutions such as data management and integration, customer analytics and data quality.

Pitney Bowes addressing systems and mailing solutions give businesses the right tools and quality data to forecast customer preferences enabling them to create new relationships. The new relationships allow businesses to deliver targeted and effective across the different channels.

addressing systems pitney bowes

With the location intelligence solutions such as GeoEnrichment and location analytics, Pitney Bowes empowers businesses with comprehensive and accurate geographical data to enable business make smarter decisions and create more compelling experiences. The customer engagement solutions provide businesses with an accurate view of their customers allowing them to deliver customized, relevant messages across both the digital and physical channels.

The global ecommerce solutions help businesses provide cross-border sales and customs processes more effectively using the technology and logistics that help improve the customer experience. Shipping and mailing solutions are the most popular Pitney Bowes products with the first automatic mail-sorting machine introduced in 1957.

A Closer Look at Pitney Bowes Addressing Systems

Pitney Bowes offers an extensive range of shipping and mailing solutions for small, medium and large businesses that are artistically designed to help streamline operations and manage costs in the mailing processes. From selection of the carrier to tracking, the solutions from Pitney Bowes help ensure efficiency and accuracy across the mailing process by offering access to multiple carriers and postage with built-in scales.

Pitney Bowes addressing systems and mailing solutions include office shipping and postage meters, online postage, inserting, multi-channel customer communications, mail and parcel sorting, and address management. Some of the popular address management solutions include: the ConnectRight mailer, DA70s AddressRight addressing system and Syntel automail.DA70s addressing system pitney bowes

The DA70s AddressRight Addressing System helps businesses create compelling envelopes using fast inkjet technology that allows mails to command the ideal attention. As the flagship address printer from Pitney Bowes, the DA70s AddressRight Addressing System gives businesses the capacity to print almost anywhere on the envelope without changing the setup of the printer. See more details about the DA70s addressing printer system.

The ConnectRight Mailer allows businesses address the accuracy and quality of their mails directly ensuring customer satisfaction. ConnectRight Mailer enables businesses to get their customer addresses right and avoid minor errors that damage the reputation of the business.

The SynTel AutoMail helps transform workflow into a smoother mailstream allowing effective flow of essential documents such as monthly statements in and out of the business. The SynTel AutoMail is an advanced solution that is customized to help meet the specific needs of various businesses for greater cost savings and improved efficiencies.

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Whether you operate a small-to-medium sized business with modest mailing operations or a corporate mailroom with high-volume outbound mail, choosing a dependable and functional address printer is important if you want to bring the most to your mailroom efficiency. While there are a number of manufacturers that produce address printers and mailing machines, only some offer highly advanced equipment to best suit your needs.

address printer brands

Thee following address printer manufacturers provide you with the premium quality mailing and postage machines you can trust for all your envelope printing needs. Whether you need a simple address printer solution or a complete postage meter mailing machine, below are three brands you can depend on for great products and reliable performance.


Secap is the home of many mailing equipment and software offering you what you need for all your mailing needs. What you can get from Secap has products ranging from address printers for use with desktops to mailing software to folder inserters and much more. Their inkjet addressing system is particularly effective in printing logos, barcodes, graphics, addresses and so much more.

address printer secap

No matter how much mailing you need to do you will find an envelope addressing printer for you at Secap. The DA95F and the SA5300 are ideal for those who have high volumes of addresses thanks to the fast production speed they have. On the other hand, the DA50S and DA70S are ideal for the occasional mailers while the DA80F is the best option for a business with moderate mailing volume.

Neopost USA

Since 1924, Neopost USA has been in the mailing hardware and software manufacturing business. All the products you need for your mailing and digital communications needs are available in the large inventory Neopost has.

Mailing machines from Neopost USA include postage meters, folder inserters, address printers/addressing systems, digital printers, letter openers, shredders, tabbing systems and related supplies all sold at affordable prices. No matter what volume of mailing it is you handle there are several equipments to choose from. Examples include the AS-510C and AS-960 addressing systems for low and heavy volume mailing respectively.


Accufast is a manufacturer with a difference and aims at providing features that are useful to the mailer in all their equipment. Some of the features you can expect to find in address printers from Accufast include Ethernet connectivity, advanced GUI software and top quality printing. The address printer options are quite diverse to cater for people with different mailing needs. Among the commonest brands of address printers they make include CKx, PMx and P8.

address printer accufast


Rena is an address printer manufacturer that offers professional mailers a unique solution. This comes in what is known as the M system printing system that combines a one-of-a-kind color management software with a MACH 5 digital color printer. This combination promises effective printing and ease of use by users.

As for quality, you can trust Rena address printers as all products are manufactured in the U.S and support is impeccable. The speeds of the printers varies allowing one the liberty to choose one that suits their business the most. Among the brands manufactured by Rena are the Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus and the Mach 5 Digital Color Printer.

Walco Systems

Having been in the pint equipment manufacturing business since 1991, Walco Systems understand what it takes to make the best address printers, mailing machines and postage meter systems. They not only engineer and manufacture quality equipment but also offer clients the option of having custom equipment designed just for them.

address printer mailing machines

This is the best way to actually meet the client’s’ needs. To cater for those who do not make custom orders, the dimensions of the transport bases, inkjet systems and dryer bases are diverse so as to handle any changes in the mailing needs of a business.

These manufacturers produce some of the top address printers and related postage mailing machines on the market today. While there are several other brands that offer comparable features, these address printing systems are highly reliable and dependable for many years of use.

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Neopost Postage Meter MachinesThere are several high quality postage meter machines from Neopost USA. While the company makes an assortment of options for various needs and budgets, these five Neopost postage meters are some of the most advanced systems on the marketing today.

1. Neopost IM-5000 Postage Meter Machine

The Neopost IM-5000 is an advanced postage meter machine that is guaranteed to introduce you to an experience of advanced breakthroughs in mailing machine technology. This machine features an easy to read color touch screen. It uses shortcuts, menu prompts and smart functions to eliminate errors.

This robust mailing machine has a dedicated workspace positioned under the screen which serves as an extra space for sorting and preparing mail. It also has an optional full keyboard and optional remote label dispenser to increase efficiency.

The Neopost IM-5000 postage meter has processing speeds of between 210-300 letters per minute. The machine features a dual pump and a jet spray sealing system with filter and high capacity envelop feeder. There is no doubt that this machine is ideal for a large mail processing center.

2. Neopost IN-750 Postage Meter Machine

The Neopost IN-750 postage meter machine can drastically optimize mail center management. To start with, this mailing machine has a sleek and modern design. It also has a color touch screen which enables the operator to enjoy simple navigation. The Neopost IN-750 postage meter has a fast processing capacity of 175 letters per minute.

The machine enables you to use shortcut keys to save time and energy. The Neopost IN-750 has a remote label dispenser which optimizes your work space and uses a dynamic scale to categorize and rate mixed sized mail at a speed of 110 letters per minute. The machine also has a 10, 30 and 70lb platforms, which makes it possible to handle heavy packages with ease.

3. Neopost IM-6000 Postage Meter Machine

This is another incredible mailing machine from Neopost. The Neopost IM-6000 has an height adjustable 15” touch screen. This touch screen can move left or right, forward and backward. It can also move up and down providing the much needed versatility to optimize a mail processing center. Navigation is easy on this machine as all screens display large prompts and descriptive buttons to reduce chances of errors.

The Neopost IM-6000 postage meter machine has an added full keyboard which makes it easy to customize messages on envelops. The processing speed of this machine is between 210-300 letters per minute. This machine has a dual pump and uses a jet spray sealing system with filter coupled with five different adjustment levels that guarantees a tip-to-tip envelop seal. This machine is ideal for a large volume mail processing center.

4. Neopost IN-700 Postage Meter Machine

This is another high quality mail processing machine from Neopost. This mailing machine has a color touch screen, automatic feeders and self aligning rollers to process mixed size pieces with ease. The IN-700 has a processing capacity of 140 letters per minute. The machine also has differential weighing system to reduce the prospect of manual processing and handling.

The Neopost IN-700 features up to 50 operators with pin-code protection. The machine has a remote label dispenser which optimizes workspace. The Machine is equipped with a postage meter with powerful business Apps which provides better management of mailing operations. The machine also features the online postal expense manager app which allows you to allocate, track and report postage usage.

5. Neopost IN-600 AF Postage Meter Machine

The Neopost In-600 AF provides a postage meter solution with an unbeatable versatility. This advanced mailing machine has an automatic feeder and sealer, automatic thickness adjustment and a processing capacity of 110 letters per minute. The IN-600 AF mail machine has the Online Postal Expense Manager App which enables you to allocate, track and report postage usage. The machine also allows you to view your mail data online via “My Neopost

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Walz Label & Mailing Systems is a family owned business that was established in 1966. It is headed by its president Tom Walz who has years of experience in this field. It is an independent organization which has grown over the years, providing its clients with business automation solutions that not only meet but surpass their unique needs and requirements.walz label and mailing systems

This is made possible by the fact that Walz Label & Mailing Systems is an independent dealer for some of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI). This allows Walz to shop for and offer a solution that fits a client’s budget, specification and support requirements.

Multi-Faceted Approach to Business Automation

Walz Label & Mailing Systems has three major divisions. The divisions are focused on specific services and products; these are Labeling, Mailing and Automation.

The Labeling division is focused on providing quality products and supplies for data collection and product identification.

The Mailing division is focused on designing and implementing scalable, flexible solutions for facilitating inbound and outbound business communication, whether digital or physical.

The Automation division helps in the designing, building and servicing high quality intelligent handling solutions that improve client capabilities.

An Inside Look At Walz Automation Solutions

In the Automation division, some of the most sought after services offered by the company are the checkweigher systems and cubing systems (for package dimensioning.) In this regard, the company has partnered with CASI (Cornerstone Automation Systems) USA; the manufacturers of checkweigher systems.

conveyor checkweigher system inline

These systems are used for manufacturing as well as distribution. They usually include a wide variety of systems and scales in their portfolio such as conveyor scales, inline checkweigher systems, in-motion scales, and in-line scale systems. The systems are designed for both stainless steel and standard applications. NEMA 4X and Mild washdown applications are also available in the product basket.

The above mentioned systems are widely used in packaging lines, end of line packing, pick verification, product divert, and in-motion weighing and cubing systems. The systems are not only accurate and fast, but most of them are easy to integrate with other systems or equipments such as scanners and data loggers.

State-of-the-Art Checkweighers & Cubing Systems

It is also important to note that some of these systems can be used in water, cold or chemical washdown environments. There are also specialty checkweigher systems and software which allow for the integration of a checkweigher system into existing systems such as a line-shaft transportation conveyor or other areas where semi-manual processes may be in use.

The cubing and dimensioning systems are also manufactured by CASI. These are basically in-motion cubing systems which are designed for pallets and cartons. These systems can either come as stand-alone systems or be designed as part of a cubing, receiving or shipping system. The company also sells and integrates the highly acclaimed CubiScan static system which can be used for a wide variety of tasks such as outbound shipping, populating SKUs with dimensions and weights etc.

It is important to note that the in-motion cubing systems sold are conveyor based and some of them such as the SolidCube 3000 Series has been designed as the lowest cost inline system with an integrated scale. The SolidCube 4000 on the other hand is a carton dimensioning system that’s ideal for fulfillment and receiving whereas the 1200 Pallet Cuber is specifically designed for hard to see material or complex pallets and is one of the few cubing systems offered which can be used with a conveyor or static system.

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