Laser hair removal refers to the process of removing undesired hair by way of exposure to laser light pulses. In short, the laser light safely hinders growth precisely where the hair follicles reside.

Laser hair removal treatments are painless when applied to the body. The treatments are mostly performed in laser skin care clinics and by using in-home devices manufactured for this purpose. Laser hair removal treatments effectively reduce the need for daily shaving, waxing and painful plucking – all aimed to give individuals smooth, healthy, and beautiful skin.

laser hair removal

When conducted over the course of several treatments in a professional setting, laser hair removal is a permanent and effective way to dramatically reduce hair growth. It is safe, simple and easy to carry out. It is suitable for all types of skin and hair colors. Different technology is applied when carrying out laser hair removal and treatments.

Science & Process of Laser Hair Removal

The foremost principle in laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis. Selective photothermolysis refers to correct application of a particular light wavelength and duration of pulse to acquire a desirable effect on the targeted tissue with little or no effect on the surrounding tissues.

In most cases when conducted at a professional laser hair removal clinic, it takes about eight sessions to see permanent hair removal. The number of sessions usually depends on the area of the body where laser hair removal is done. During each session, about twenty percent of the hair is reduced. Hair growth occurs in three different sessions. When it comes to laser hair removal for African American skin, it’s even more important to find a reputable clinic to administer treatment.

Laser hair removal is effective when hair is in its growth phase. Areas that have fast hair growth like the bikini area need to be treated after every four weeks while areas where there is longer hair growth for example legs should be treated after every six to eight weeks. Hairs ought to be permanently reduced when they are in the correct growth phase.

What To Expect During Treatmentlaser hair removal an inside look

Laser hair removal is safe and perfectly effective during active hair follicle growth phase. Constant repeated sessions are important in treating the affected follicles when they enter the growth phase again. The desired long lasting laser hair removal benefits depend on the area where laser removal is carried out, the density of the hair, and the hair growth cycle. Darker hair allows faster laser hair removal as opposed to light hair. The factors that affect hair location, resilience and thickness include hormones, diet, age, metabolism and medication.

When laser hair removal has been carried out, all the hair that has been treated should fall almost at the same period. In case an individual had fewer treatment sessions and experiences limited hair fallout, it may be as a result of assuming that the treatment done was not comprehensive.

Cost & Other Considerations

As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the standard cost of laser hair removal is $235, although this figure greatly varies. There are several factors on which the cost of this process depends. These factors include: the time taken for laser hair removal (or the size of the area to be treated;) the number of sessions required for laser hair removal; and the location where laser hair removal is done.

Advanced technology has improved laser hair removal. It can even be done at home with the right type of laser hair removal machines. Permanent laser hair removal devices like Silk’n Flash and Go Luxx can be used. The advanced based energy removes hair at the follicle and further prevents it from growing again. These devices are safe to use on the body parts. Using these devices might require eight sessions for complete hair removal.

Professionally, laser hair removal can be done by applying a concentrated beam of light. These beams are applied on regions of the body where there is undesired hair growth. This method of hair removal involves no pain. It is quick and involves few sessions. One of disadvantage of this method is that it is costly.

The two laser treatments are Diolaze Laser and Cool Glide. Dolaze laser involves combining high peak power and larger spot size. This form of laser hair removal treatment reduces pain during the process. The cool glide treatment has the capability of treating light skin to dark skin on every part of the body. It removes hair permanently.

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In today’s world where businesses are connected and the commerce is borderless, Pitney Bowes delivers innovations that help entrepreneurs navigate this complexity more effectively. The company helps businesses turn complexities to opportunities and data to intelligence by allowing them use data to find the best customers and send parcels and packages more efficiently.pitney bowes addressing systems

With a team of over 16,000 dedicated professionals, Pitney Bowes delivers client-centric solutions to help both small and large businesses get the most of every interaction and transaction. The history of Pitney Bowes began in 1920 when Arthur Pitney and Walter Bowes joined forces to form the company, changing the way companies do business.

Intelligence-Driven Addressing & Mailing Systems

Today, the company helps businesses transform challenges to opportunities through five key areas that include customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement, global ecommerce and shipping and mailing. With the customer information management solutions such as data management and integration, customer analytics and data quality.

Pitney Bowes addressing systems and mailing solutions give businesses the right tools and quality data to forecast customer preferences enabling them to create new relationships. The new relationships allow businesses to deliver targeted and effective across the different channels.

addressing systems pitney bowes

With the location intelligence solutions such as GeoEnrichment and location analytics, Pitney Bowes empowers businesses with comprehensive and accurate geographical data to enable business make smarter decisions and create more compelling experiences. The customer engagement solutions provide businesses with an accurate view of their customers allowing them to deliver customized, relevant messages across both the digital and physical channels.

The global ecommerce solutions help businesses provide cross-border sales and customs processes more effectively using the technology and logistics that help improve the customer experience. Shipping and mailing solutions are the most popular Pitney Bowes products with the first automatic mail-sorting machine introduced in 1957.

A Closer Look at Pitney Bowes Addressing Systems

Pitney Bowes offers an extensive range of shipping and mailing solutions for small, medium and large businesses that are artistically designed to help streamline operations and manage costs in the mailing processes. From selection of the carrier to tracking, the solutions from Pitney Bowes help ensure efficiency and accuracy across the mailing process by offering access to multiple carriers and postage with built-in scales.

Pitney Bowes addressing systems and mailing solutions include office shipping and postage meters, online postage, inserting, multi-channel customer communications, mail and parcel sorting, and address management. Some of the popular address management solutions include: the ConnectRight mailer, DA70s AddressRight addressing system and Syntel automail.DA70s addressing system pitney bowes

The DA70s AddressRight Addressing System helps businesses create compelling envelopes using fast inkjet technology that allows mails to command the ideal attention. As the flagship address printer from Pitney Bowes, the DA70s AddressRight Addressing System gives businesses the capacity to print almost anywhere on the envelope without changing the setup of the printer. See more details about the DA70s addressing printer system.

The ConnectRight Mailer allows businesses address the accuracy and quality of their mails directly ensuring customer satisfaction. ConnectRight Mailer enables businesses to get their customer addresses right and avoid minor errors that damage the reputation of the business.

The SynTel AutoMail helps transform workflow into a smoother mailstream allowing effective flow of essential documents such as monthly statements in and out of the business. The SynTel AutoMail is an advanced solution that is customized to help meet the specific needs of various businesses for greater cost savings and improved efficiencies.

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Dimensional weighing and scanning systems are essential tools for distribution and shipping centers that need a cubing solution proper postage and shipment. These dimensioning systems combine dynamic dimensional weighing and cubing technology, such as conveyor-based in-motion cubing systems and pallet cubers for freight operations.

dimensional weighing systems is an industry-leading supplier of such dimensioning and cubing systems. The design of this company’s systems allows operators to integrate them directly to their existing package processing systems. This allows operators to increase out put while at the same time reducing operating costs. To get an idea of the top products from, below we take an inside look at some of the most highly-sought cubing systems.

In-motion Cubing System

Amongst the top products from this company include the in-motion cubing system which provides one of the most powerful automation solutions for improved shipping and warehousing operations. The technology used in these systems makes them unique since this technology has the ability to offer high speed operations for high demanding operations.

In-motion Cubing System

The cubing systems can either be operated separately or be integrated to the already existing conveyor systems. Furthermore, instead of using proprietary controllers, these particular cubing systems mainly use off the shelf components. This product allows users to locally source replacement components therefore reducing the cost and waiting time that would have been used to source the replacement components from abroad.

Static Package Scanner

Another product from this company is the Static Package Scanner. This particular product is highly innovative but simple at the same time. It combines efficiency with affordable pricing therefore allowing users to get optimum value. This scanner comes with a sensor which is industrial grade that provides accurate dimension weighing and scanning. The system is also designed in a manner that it can allow operation in rough shipping and industrial station applications.

Static Package Scanner

The Static Package Scanner also includes an operational software that can run on most standard windows deices. The software is integrated and comes with a very flexible interface. As a result the users can easily interface and operate the dimensional and weight data directly into the existing software platforms. The most ideal applications for this modern and effective scanner include POS desk, shipping. Warehouse operations and in any organization that is looking for accuracy and affordability in dimensional weighing.

Pallet & Large Freight Dimensioning Systems

This company also provides a variety of solutions to those looking for accurate weight and dimensional measurements for pallets and large freights. These systems provide quick and accurate measurements even in the toughest conditions. These pallet and large freight dimensioning systems are also designed in a manner that they can be operated easily and their data management functions allow them to be integrated into the existing warehouse and shipping management systems.

pallet freight cuber

These heavy-duty dimensioning systems for pallet and large freight use laser scanners which are field proven to produce high level of accuracy. They can also be used either indoors or outdoors depending on the users’ needs. There is a variety of pallet and large freight dimensioning systems offered by this company therefore giving clients options to choose from.

Dimensioning weighing also offers the WLS Load Scanner System which is an innovative product used for volumetric load measurement. Its features allow it to provide accurate data on the actual material volumes in an open top vehicle. To achieve the accuracy this system uses laser scanners which scan the load on the vehicle while the vehicle is still in motion.

This allows users to do load scanning without the need to stop operations. It is also made in a way that it is easy to install and use consequently making it more convenient to use. Therefore, Dimensioning Weighing offers top quality products including cubing systems that provide helpful solutions.

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Established in 1989, Facet Technologies, Inc. has cemented its position as a leader in providing IT solutions for business owners and other organizations in Peoria and central Illinois region. Facet Technologies believes in making innovative, tailor-made products IT solutions that are in line with your specific needs. facet web tech website design

Why are we different you ask? At Facet Tech, we invest in the best creative minds and are up to the minute with what’s happening in the industry. That way, we’re able to come up with relevant IT solutions, even as technology advances.

And, for more than two decades of our existence, we have done quite a lot in the central Illinois technology scene, ranging from offering IT solutions for schools, IT support solution to small and medium size businesses. As a member of Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, you can trust Facet Technologies to plan and install your electronic systems including networking, automation and entertainment, as well as integrated whole house subsystems.

It is with this background and experience in the industry that we founded Facet Web Tech, our latest branch that is set to give you a whole new experience as far as web design and software development in Peoria and its environs goes.

Inside Peoria’s Newest Web Design Company

Gone are the days when you didn’t pay much attention to the layout and outlook of your business website. Statistics indicate that potential customers are likely to stay on your site for more than a minute if its design is attractive and well organized. In these days of cut edge competition, your site needs to be interactive, user-friendly and easy to maneuver.

Additionally, the software solutions your company uses have to be inventive and in line with your needs. This is the thinking that inspired the formation of Facet Web Tech; to provide you with web design and software solutions that will give you a competitive edge.

website development

Here’s a breakdown of what Facet Web Tech is all about:

Website Development

With its web design services, Facet Web Tech will create a beautiful and interactive site that makes a potential customer want to find out more what you company is all about. Our experienced team of web development specialists will help optimize your online presence in central Illinois and beyond with a high-performance website. That way, meeting the goals and objectives of your company becomes easier.

software development

Software Solutions

Are you having trouble getting software solutions that guarantee to take your company’s efficiency and output to the next level? Not anymore! Facet Web Tech will help solve any software problems with a tailored made solution in central Illinois as per your company needs.

website optimization

Clean Your Hacked Website

Every business owner dreads his or her company’s website getting hacked. Nonetheless, if the unfortunate event happens Facet Web Tech will help get your site up and running again quickly. Also, our team will put measures in place to prevent future attacks. Don’t let a hacked website keep you out of business. Just contact our malware team and w can provide a remote-based computer virus removal service to get you back up and running.

With the new Peoria area web design branch of Facet Tech, getting even more robust and comprehensive IT solutions from just one provider in Peoria just became easier and quicker.

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Truck weighing scales used for heavy-duty load weighing utilize some of the industry’s most advanced load cell technology to deliver quick and precise readings. The manufacturing and distribution companies in the truck scale industries are utilizing these systems to ease the entire process of weighing.truck weigh scales

These truck weigh scales are not just precise, but they are also durable, and they enhance the weighing process. That mentioned, here are the top three truck weigh scales leading the industry standard. You can find most of these truck weigh scales at

1. On-board Scales

On-board scales are specifically developed to deliver efficient weighing for each load that is in transit on a truck. With the on-board weighing scales, they will be installed directly on the truck, which will then allows the driver to know the exact weight of the load. The scales have load cell sensors, which accommodate the whole weight of the truck.

Each type and size of the truck will have a special on-board scale that is connected to the ignition switch. Even the slightest load on the truck will be sensed and displayed on the LCD of the scale. On-board scales is made up of load cell sensors that calculate the weight of the truck, along with an LCD screen that will display the weight.

The on-board weighing scale is perfect for straight trucks, wheel loaders, and tractor trailers. On-board truck scales in particular work perfectly for such industries like mining. For robust and heavy-duty on-board weighing systems, check out Walz Scale’s On-board division.

2. Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales are one of the most common scales for truck weighing due to their convenience and versatility. These scales are specially designed to be used as wheel weighers as they function by trucks driving up onto the scales weighing pads. They are also called the portable axle scales and are known for their versatility and ruggedness.

portable truck scales

The image of this portable truck scale systems is from

Portable truck scales are light and are easily carried around in a case. These truck weigh scales are simply placed parallel to each front tire. As the track moves over the portable wheel weigher scales, they will take the exact weight of each truck that passes. They are durable and sturdy enough to withstand the heavy truck weight.

These scales are mostly used for farmer trucks, construction, mining operations, agricultural produce, and waste management trucks. They are also accurate in delivering the units.

3. Weighbridge Scales

The weighbridges are also used in measuring the weight of trucks. Even though they have been around for some time, they use a special technology to deliver the right weight of the truck. The weighbridges work either under two mechanisms; mechanical or electronic. The mechanical system is the lever option while the electronic system uses compressed electronic load cells.weighbridge truck scales

With the mechanical lever, it will work under a set of breakdown levers that limit the weight on the lever system, which acts as a pivot of the load. This way, the lever will reduce the load exerted at the furthest end. As the truck moves over the lever, the scale will pick up the weight and deliver them on a monitor at the supervision center. The electronic system is all about the truck rolling over the weighbridge scale slowly, and the bridge will send the exact weight to the monitor at the supervision station.

Weighbridge scales are commonly used on highways to determine the exact weight of the truck and determine if they are overloaded. Most of the highway weight stations use the weighbridge scales to get the weight of the trucks. All these are scales used in the manufacturing, logistics, construction and highway weight stations. They help to make the weighing process quick and precise.

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Are you looking for the top-rated and leading manufacturers of envelope and address printer machines? Then you’ve come to the right place. In making the selection you must consider workflow, typical load capacity, what types of ink will you need and it goes from there. For the sake of space only a few key points on each printer are included in this review. You’ll also find the links to each manufacturer’s line-up of envelope and address printer machines where you can see everything about them.

Pitney Bowes pitney bowes

Pitney Bowes has several great systems for address and envelop printing. That’s what has landed it on this top-rated list. Let’s take a look at a few top models of Pitney Bowes envelope and address printer machines.

  • DA50s AddressRight® Addressing System – Ten thousand pieces of mail per hour max. It’s also able to print just about anywhere on the envelope for eye-catching teasers to get people to open them. Also saves you money by offering a print “Light Mode” which is saves ink in a way that maintains resolution.
  • DA70s AddressRight® Addressing System – Fourteen thousand pieces of mail per hour max. Designed for a wide selection of formats for mailing and materials to be printed on. Boasts sensors built-in which are there to keep every print job running smooth.
  • Print + Messenger™ Color Inkjet System – Promising to both increase your response and reduce your costs. Innovative work design allows you to keep quality in print while changing applications. Quick dry ink meets standards for USPS® Intelligent Mail®.

Renarena address printers

Rena features updates that keep it running large print runs from your desktop inkjet unit. Check this great cross section out of Rena address printers.

  • Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus – Prints up to thirty thousand postcards per hour. Handles material to 3/16 inch thick. Powerful clutch-control feeder that is integrated. USB 2.0 high speed port.
  • Envelope Imager 2.5 – Print up to thirty thousand postcards per hour. Features electronic thickness control of one fourth inch. Also has clutch-control feeder and USB 2.0 port integrated into unit.
  • Mach 5 Digital Color Printer – Print up to seven thousand five hundred envelopes per hour. That is with full bleed to edge capability. Also boasts automatic cleaning and capping station along with five – two hundred and fifty mL ink tanks for (CMYKK)

Secapsecap address envelope printer

Secap is always pressing forward to set new standards with maximum focus on productivity. Rounding out this list, take a look at some of the leading address printers from Secap to find out why.

  • DA95F Addressing Printer – Addresses a maximum of thirty-thousand pieces of substrate per hour. Offers feeder that is integrated right in holding a maximum of seven hundred and fifty number ten envelopes. Has both USB 2.0 port and Ethernet port.
  • DA80F Addressing Printer – Addresses a maximum of twenty-two thousand pieces per hour. Designed to handle a wide range of print media. Handles up to one thousand postcards or up to four hundred and fifty envelopes in hopper.
  • DA95F with Feedright Feeder – Addresses a maximum of thirty-thousand pieces of up to half inch thick media per hour. Eight quality options for cost and speed ranging from executive to light. Super control on registration for smaller printed mail.

There you have it. These aren’t all of the address printer products available from these companies (nor all the features,) but this is a great point to start your search for the perfect envelope and address printer. If you’d like to buy these address printer machines, we suggest, a reputable supplier that carries all of these brands, and many more.

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Bank vaults, often referred to as strong-rooms, are modern storage facilities for valuables, records, money, and even vital documents. A securely fashioned door with a complex lock mechanism and armored walls make today’s bank vaults an integral component for protection over valuable and sensitive assets. And these the most fundamental qualities that makes bank vault security systems unique from bank safes.

Each closing decade has overseen pragmatism in the need for espousal of watertight securing of such valuables against catastrophes both of human and natural design and make (atomic bomb, earthquakes etc.). In the security world it has always been termed as a type of arm race against bank robbers. Each side desires to stay vault security system

The question still remains, is total security conceivable within our banks? While the debate will go on into the future, it is a huge achievement, as according to a report by the Global Finance Magazine in 2014, Europe has been labeled as the home to the world’s safest banks.

These banks include: KFW in Germany, Zurcher Kantonalbank in Switzerland, and L-Bank in Germany. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Fort Knox (The U.S. Bullion Depository) have been celebrated as among the leading bank vaults in terms of security system technology. For further digestion of what essentially it involves to make bank vault security systems accurately branded impenetrable, we look at the assorted security features of Fort Knox.

Defining the “Impenetrable” Bank Vault

Fort Knox, the home of the U.S. Bullion Depository, houses the largest ounces of gold approximated at over 147.3 million with their total worth estimated at over $270 billion. First, its walls are 4-foot-thick granite believed to be lined with cement, fireproof material and steel.

Secondly, it has tinted windows sealed from the inside out that is fire-proof, bullet-proof and blackened to impede on discernibility. Thirdly, it has a solid foundation composed of cement with 10 feet of solid granite on top. The granite principally deters any form of infiltration while the granite is used to backing the weight of the vaults structures.

At every corner of the depository is what is termed as multiple big brothers. It refers to a system of surveillance, which allows highly-advanced bank surveillance systems to oversee every square inch of the Depository. There is presence of barrier within a barrier in the vaults composition. These barriers, more than three in number have been built for specific purposes such as for patrolling guards. There are also more than four fortified sentinel stations located on the ground level with Thompson submachine guns.

Lastly, a military backup exists. It is guarded by the specially trained U.S Mint Police and several other regiments. Last but not the least; the Fort Knox depository is positioned in an area where it is far enough inland to circumvent a sea assault and the Appalachian Mountains shields it from the East. There also use of biometric IDs, use of vibration sensors and help from satellite for imaging of potential burglars. It is imperative to note that, what makes bank vaults even more secure is their secrecy in defense.

The Design of Modern Bank Vaults

Modern bank vaults are usually designed as custom orders, and are the first component if a bank is to be built. A design is usually made after incorporation of the desired shape, vault size and location of the door, coupled with other factors. This is usually done through consultation between vault manufacturer and a customer. The main raw materials are concrete, steel rods for reinforcement and proprietary additives, for the concrete to be stronger. With every century, these features kept on being improved.

In the 21st century, the “thermic torch” or “burning bar” has been acknowledged as the biggest threat to bank vault security systems. It burns liquid oxygen ignited by an oxyacetylene torch that has been noted to be much hotter than acetylene torch. A series of small holes can be me made from its burning that can form a gap, thus combating this burning bar has been main cause of worry for industry players. The level of security in due course should be progressive, to be able to stay ahead of bank criminals. It is encouraged that for that to happen, law enforcement and the banking industry must work closely together to mitigate these risks.

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Nowadays, various companies supply grain cart scales and ag weighing systems for different uses. When you want to buy or rent a grain cart scale or related agriculture weighing system, it is wise to invest in a trusted supplier with a record of success in the industry. It is crucial to research information about the supplier in question before you start checking the price of their products.agweigh grain cart scales

With a large number of truck scale companies and ag weigh system providers across the globe, selecting the company that will supply you with the best weighing systems and grain cart scales tends to be challenging. To help you narrow down your choices, here is a list of the top three trusted suppliers of grain cart scales and ag weighing systems.


AgWeigh is well-known company for manufacturing and supplying agricultural weighing systems. AgWeigh is the best choice for every farmer looking for an affordable and reliable truck sales, harvest management software, and grain cart scale harvest

Grain cart scale products from AgWeigh are designed and manufactured bearing in mind the diverse needs of farmers. Among the weighing solutions supplied by this company includes onboard truck scales that work best with different types of trucks, vehicles, and especially grain cart scales.

Grain cart scales and ag weighing systems from AgWeigh have been designed to work in all conditions and for easy installation. Additionally, most of the agricultural weighing systems from AgWeigh offer you all-in-one harvest weighing solutions, notably for grain producers.

Walz Scale

Walz Scale is among the most trusted truck scale manufacturers that supply a broad range of advanced weighing systems and industry leading truck scales. The company provides dependable and accurate grain cart scales, as well as weigh in motion truck scales.

portable weigh scales

Walz Scale specializes in portable truck scales, in addition to a wide spectrum of weighing systems.

Weighing products from Walz Scale offer sophisticated technology, advanced interface alternatives and rugged design. Additionally, Walz Scale not only supplies digital truck scales but also provides farmers with harvest management solutions and other advanced technologies, such as load scanner systems and grain cart scale software, mainly for analyzing data and for management. If you want to buy (or rent) advanced truck scales and other weighing options for not just farming, but logistics, warehousing, and industrial applications, consider Walz Scale for high quality and affordable weighing systems.

Payload Pros

Payload Pros is a trusted company that focuses on providing of high quality and relative grain scale solutions that are suitable for construction, mining, and recycling industries. Weighing products offered by Payload Pros are designed to provide affordable, convenient, and efficient means for carrying out different weighing operations.payload ag weigh scales

Weighing systems from Payload Pros are not only versatile but also very accurate. Moreover, weighing scales of this company are made of steel or aluminum making them suitable for light to heavy duty uses. Therefore, if you are looking for a trusted company to supply you with accurate and reliable grain cart scales and ag weighing systems, Payload Pros is the best choice.

Ensure the grain cart scale supplier you’ve chosen deals with high quality and accurately calibrated systems for accurate measurements. With these three companies above, you should have no problem acquiring a grain cart scale that will work dependability for years.

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Banks and financial institutions require extra safety to guarantee the valuables and money that belongs to their clients are protected from theft or burglary. Banks and financial institutions should have systems and protocols that offer optimal security using a complete range of surveillance systems and equipment. Besides, a bank or any financial institution should invest in the best security equipment that matches their overall security demands that include theft protection and patron security systems

Moreover, it is prudent to purchase bank security systems that can be engineered and designed to match the funding restraints and precise specifications of any financial institutions. The advanced security systems have been designed and engineered to offer communication, equipment needs and individuals security. Hence, here are three types of security systems designed for banks and financial institutions.

1. ATM Security Systems

bank atm security systemsATMs require protection because they are prone to vandalism. However, the patrons that visit the ATMs at the off hours need protection; hence, the ATM security systems have been developed well. They have been secured by the hold-up and intrusion systems that help in protecting the ATM assets and the carriers. They are also fitted with digital video security system and CCTV surveillance that helps in providing the records of transactions that are prosecutable.

Security systems for bank ATMs are designed in a manner that they deter threats of skimming from becoming a big issue that will affect the security of banks and financial systems. The systems have security cameras that help in the monitoring and recording of activities in the banks. It is also fitted with alarm systems mainly serve to signal the guards in case of any threat.

2. Digital IP Video Surveillance

IP surveillance systemsThe advancement in information technology and security industry has made the merging of advanced surveillance systems. They have been designed in a manner that they have been made to be more sophisticated, smarter and easier to use. The digital internet protocol surveillance has been considered to be an advanced security surveillance or remote monitoring system which records and views over an IP network that can either LAN/WAN Internet.

The system uses an IP network as its backbone to transfer audio and videos to the system. The system offers many possibilities that include integration, access, expansion and location. The system allows access to live and archived videos easily so as to capture and distribute videos that are of high quality over an IP network. The Digital IP video surveillance uses future proof technology to transfer videos and monitor the institution efficiently. The surveillance equipment ensures flexibility because it has integrated cameras into some systems such as POS systems, burglar and fire alarms as well as ATMs.

3. Bank Vaults & Safesbank vault for sale

Bank vaults and safes that range from standard UL and custom rated safes and teller receivers ensure high security in banks and financial institutions. Bank vaults are designed to protect the important assets in the bank. They are built with sturdy and strong doors that are available in many styles in both legacy and freedom series. Bank vaults and safes are made with fire-rated doors and thick panels that have resettable time locks.

If you’re interested in the best bank vault for sale, look for those made with stainless steel materials. They are also thick to ensure heavy maintenance over time. It also has a locking bar that keeps the heat down and keeps the climate in check to provide extended periods of time so as to secure the materials and assets in the bank and financial institutions.

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Axle scales have become one of the most common systems used to determine gross vehicle weights as well as truck load weights for many different companies and organization. While portability marked a significant advancement in axle scales, the technology that makes-up these systems as drastically evolved over the past few years.

Today, axle scales have progressed to now offering operators some amazing features. Some of these advanced axle scales are advancing the industry standard. Below are three of them that embody that progression.Axle Scales

1. In-Motion Axle Scale

This industry-defining axle scale is a fully-functional, weigh-in-motion portable weighing syste, which will enable you as a user to weigh loads as well as gross vehicle weights while trucks pass over the scale at a speed that ranges from 3-5 MPH. Produced by, this axle scale systems is measured at 84 inches by 30 inches and offers 60,000 lb weighing capacity. With a remote digital indicator, you will be sure that you would buy a good one even as you do make your decisions right within a given market.

In terms of size, the in-motion axle scales are 84 inches long with 30 inches wide and Low profile of 5.75 inches in height. With a durable non-skid diamond of plate steel platform, you will definitely get a heavy duty steel construction that would make it among the best options especially when you need a perfect deal within the given market. Compared to other in-motion portable truck scales on the market, you will get one of the best deals in terms pricing and overall ROI.

wheel weighers

2. Portable Wheel Weigher

The portable wheel weigher system from has a weight capacity of 60,000 lbs with a heavy duty structural construction. With fully electronic, no moving parts that are slow to wear out, with these portable axle weighers, you will get complete overload protection thus enabling you measure your load correctly without worrying about disrupting the scale with extreme loads. With a 100% of overload protection on, you will get the best weighing capacity when you need the correct measurements.

3. AXHD (Heavy-Duty) Axle Scale

The AXHD Axle Scale is a heavy-duty portable axle scale (also from industry-leader that is designed for extreme and high weight use. It has some of the best features that you can select whenever you need a perfect deal. With the kinds of deals that you would have, you will definitely understand the facts that you would have during your market choice.Portable Scales Trucks

It comes with a 40,000 by 10 lb per pad with interlocking skid-resistant ramps that makes it unique especially when you want to buy the best during your market choice. With a platform size of 27 inches long by 16 inches wide platform, you will have a low profile of 1.2 inches in height. This system is ideal for mining operations and other heavy-duty applications that demand a rugged portable weighing system for large trucks and vehicles.

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